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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

like rippin off a bandaid

I'm just gonna go for it, real sudden-like. This will be the last post on my beloved blogspot, cold turkey quitting my posts here. Not to worry though, head over to a site that has been given a promotion. My tumblr site started out as a sort of blog sidekick. Now he's all grown up and ready to go out into the real world (wide web). Same amount of Love, different look though. I dig it.
Visit here- to stay connected. If you're on tumblr, gimme a follow.
If you're a subscriber here to "fwwL" re-subscribe here.

Many, many benefits for the platform switch and I look forward to the tumblr theme renovation it will get from a talented friend. Thinking about a great namechange too. You'll have to wait. I can barely.

from wilmore, with Love.


Kelly Lawson said...

sad. Sort of. I get it. I have actually been contemplating doing the exact same thing lately- i use tumblr (or WOULD use tumblr) a lot more than blogspot and the reason I don't really use either like I want, is b/c I have a hard time differentiating b/w what would best fit on each site. Which is what really makes me believe I need to just have the one.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about your new "look." It's going to be great! Will miss this site, it was so YOU.