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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Without these words, it still would have been an incredible night, an unforgettable one without question. A man I greatly respect and admire has done this more than once, more than 10 times even. His words, filled with true wisdom and experience, fill my journals. It happened again last week. And since then, here is the sentence endlessly tugging at the shirt sleeve of my conscience. No need for me to comment.

"You can always tell the size of a person's character
by the size of the dilemmas they keep."

from wilmore, with Love.


Laura Furman said...

wow. i really needed to hear this! thank you for sharing. with what we are going through right now ..i try so hard to be positive let the uncertainty go and trust. these are encouraging words to carry with me on this journey right now.

jeremiah said...

very cool to hear friend. know that he is WITH you guys through it.