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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

a must do summer project

Today, some of my beloved family out on the Westside released their first podcast episode of something they've cooked up called, "The Existence Project." I love the title. Three awesome guys on staff at Arcade Wesleyan Church, Mark, Ryan, and Brennan have come together around a few microphones to wade through the tough questions of why we exist, why an all-powerful and yet all-loving God exists, and what the heck happens when those two beautifully collide. I was honored to get an advance copy last week and trust me, you're gonna want to subscribe. They should be releasing two 35 min episodes a month. Grab them and take the conversation even further with others.
Props to Chad for his Napoleon Dynamite status skills with the graphic and video design. You can begin to subscribe to The Existence Project podcast here. First up is the video trailer on the iTunes Store. Once you subscribe, you will be able to download the first episode. Enjoy.

from wilmore, with Love.

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chad bercea said...

i got mad love for you bro. thanks.