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Friday, August 07, 2009

dishes, moleskine, napkins, & screens

This is the evolution of my ideation.
|ˌīdēˈā sh ən| noun, the formation of ideas or concept
Rarely, like most people, do I get a good idea or great brainstorm shower when the time is right. It happens when I'm standing there looking out the kitchen window, earbuds providing some tunes, doing the dishes. Or it happens when I'm driving on the back roads of the KY, heading to the grocery store.
At some point I may scratch it out in Butkus, to peek at later or to process it a bit more. Then, inevitably, probably late at night with a friend it will come up in great conversation. Surrounded by appetizer plates and coffee cups, scribble covered napkins sprawl the table. The idea is beginning to take its first steps.
Usually, if it was/is really taking shape in big ways it will hit the internetwebs via email and phones via texts, and lots of them. Then maybe some kind of graphic design or word processing app beyond that. Past here, 'scuse me while I kiss the sky cause the sky's the limit now.
I love this process, truly. It's fascinating to see something (or be a part of something) start out as an idea, begin to grow, take a bigger shape, birth, take its first steps, and then fly.
Below is one in midflight, one with the same heartbeat as mine. Almost step for step, syllable for syllable.

Well done Soul City Church. There in Chicago, may you reveal the everlasting Kingdom and its everloving King atop the Throne of Grace.

from wilmore, with Love.


Erin Crisp said...

I reposted and wrote about this. Thanks!

Paige said...

Really loved that video! Thx for sharing, J!