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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 questions for life

Well, maybe. For over 2 weeks now, I've been rolling around in a pair of questions, trying to see if they fall short of situations, trying to live them out in the midst of complexities. Call it a personal hangup, but at this point in my journey I'm not huge on all-encompassing absolutes. I think we as people and life are too big for too many of them- outside of the reality of a perfect-loving and eternal God, His son Jesus, full of grace and truth, and the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of believers healing and guiding believers into all truth.

However. (Remember you just read "too many" all-encompassing absolutes is where I squirm.)

As a communicator of the message of a loving God, one question seems to matter at the end of the day, at the end of our life- What difference does it make? Of course this question matters to so many other facets of life, but stay with me here. The preacher takes his place on a Sunday morning, "This is what the apostle Paul was trying to say to people in Rome." Those listening beg to ask, "So? What difference does it make for my life?" "Look how Moses handled this leadership conflict."
"So? What difference does it make to me now, thousands of years later?"
As a herald of the hope of heaven and the God reigning both here and there, I'm going to continually ask myself in personal study and preparation for sermons- What difference does it make...for me, for others? If it doesn't make a difference in how we live and breathe, then that guy from Nazareth was just a carpenter.


In all of the personal disagreements, pious debates, and prideful debacles one question has made its way into my heart- How can love win in this situation? Not me win. Not the organization. Not the event. How can love win? Perfect love, holy love, selfless love, that God brand of love. That cruciformed love. I've been trying to live this out- "For this situation I'm dealing with right now, how can love win?" Jesus sums up all 37 books of the Old Testament with just two short sentences, both hinging on the subversive power of love. Anyone got Huey Lewis playin in their heads now?
What do you think? Am I missing a couple key pieces here with these two questions?
Open to hearing your answers on all three of those final questions.

from wilmore, with Love.


Brooke said...

dwelling on it. nothing wise to add, but soaking it in. thanks for sharing what you're thinkin' on!

Sarah said...

wrote down the second question & think about it often. so great - thanks for sharing.

ScarredWarrior said...

Those questions are HUGE for ministers/pastors my brother. For myself, in following the Rabbi, I have determined two questions that are different (namely, because they apply to life and not just to the pastorate):
1. Am I living an authentic life with no hypocrisy?
2. Am I living in regret?

I think it would be hard to fault a man who lived within that context (assuming he is moral). Blessings.