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Sunday, July 26, 2009

what would you say?

Here's the situation. You have a middle school aged boy. He goes off to summer camp with his youth group and has a blast, I mean a really good time. They call you from the Burger King the 15 passenger van stopped at on the way home. He makes sure you'll be at the church in 30 minutes to pick him up. You confirm the arrangement.
The van arrives, some kids are dead asleep, mouths agape for undeniable proof, others are still working on that 64oz refill of Mountain Dew. Kids pile out of the 15 passenger mayhem-mobile. Your child jumps out with a huge smile on his face, excited to see you and still excited after the week of camp. Duffle bag equipped, they come running in your direction. Your eyes light up, eyebrows raise as high as they're able, your chin lunges forward, mouth drops. This is what you see...

What do you say?
*Thanks to a new friend from South Dakota who allowed me to take this shot on the last night of camp. At one point in the night, he comes up to me with a Sharpie in his hand and says, "I just got signatures from 57 people on my head in the last 30 minutes. Now it's your turn!" By the way, his scalp the next morning was covered in blue ink.
Wow. Again, how do you respond?

from wilmore, with Love.


Kelly Lawson said...

If this is my kid? I laugh about it. I tell him I'm glad he had so much fun at camp and made so many friends. I also tell him that we'll work on scrubbing all that ink off when we get home and tell him that's something that's probably fun to do at camp, but not something we'd do on a regular basis.

I wouldn't scold him or even be mad about it. That's a surefire way to diminish his camp high he's probably feeling, and make HIM feel as though I don't care about what he did at camp-- which would not at all be the case. But that just might be what he hears.

I am preparing myself for this. I'm sure this will be my kid in 12 years.

Sarah said...

Kelly Lawson, I don't know you personally but I've heard a lot about you - what I've heard is obviously true. I would do exactly what you just said. LOVE on him because the second you scold him about it you put up a wall in his brain and heart and discourage him from exploring/inventing/creating.

Jason said...

I would laugh my head off and challenge him to get more signatures and a better mustache next year.

Kelly Lawson said...

JB-- love the challenge. that's so great. This is SO gonna be stockton.

What would Dana do?

And sarah-- thanks. :)