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Monday, May 11, 2009

what's your guess?

Thanks to our dear friends Dave and Amanda for telling us this epic tale a few weeks ago.

Some friends of ours, the Kearns, set an old 14 inch television, rabbit ears included, out in front of their home in the notorious Nicholasville, KY. Nicholasville is just outside of our lil' village, Wilmore, about 6 miles. Alongside this commonwealth treasure sat a piece of cardboard with the letters F-R-E-E written on it. Before they were both set outside on the curb, bets were taken on how long the TV would be out there before someone drove or walked by and picked it up. The Kearns live in a busy area near downtown. Cars pass regularly. Dogs and dogwalkers frequent their area. No bad weather in sight. The "finders keepers" maxim was in good and full company there.
5 bucks.
Closest without going over.
Winner takes the pile of cash.
Four votes were cast: eight minutes, ten minutes, twelve minutes, and sixteen minutes. Brad, father and husband of the Kearns clan, walked out to place the near twenty year old television and sign on the grass near the curb. Katie, wife and mother Kearns, hit START on the stopwatch in her hand.

How long do you think it took for the TV to find a new owner?


Forty seconds. FOUR-DEE.
*Commence shock laughter now*

"Haaay maaan, does that TV weerrk?"
Brad, still on his way back to the front door, turns around in shock, "Yep, sure does."
By 1:03 it was loaded in the car. One minute and three seconds. Well under ninety seconds and all that remained was a lonely cardboard sign, only four letters and weeds to keep it company.

from wilmore, with Love.

Monday, May 04, 2009

confessions, part 6

I've had the same alarm clock IN USE since 1990. And there she is. She's a byoot aint she?

This came to me on Christmas of 1990. Still rockin it, no lie. I was ten years old (do the math, go ahead) and when I opened this, I was officially a "big kid." I had hit the double digits and now could wake up to an alarm like old people do. There was cool neon pink and green designs on the face and I could even wake up to the sound of music on the FM, or AM radio. This clock has been in over a dozen of night stands since the Christmas arrival. Every time we moved when I was a kid and when I move now, I worry it wont make it. But after unpacking boxes, I plug in the aged powercord, and BOOM- the trusty Soundesign revives again. (On a very interesting note, this company is now extinct.)

As you might guess, Lindsay could part with it pretty easily. For me, notta chance. How can you let go of greatness, greatness with electronic longevity I might add? We have lived in three places since our blissful wedding day seven years ago, and every time she pleads for me to throw it out, donate it, or keep it in another room besides our bedroom. Her attempts are futile in the presence of greatness, in the presence of THAT alarm clock. Sad will the day be when it can no longer be placed on a night stand near my sleeping head. Very sad.

Confession #6- I've had the same alarm clock IN USE since 1990, unashamedly.

from wilmore, with Love.