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Thursday, April 30, 2009

sean is right

Take a peek at the comment on the previous post and you'll see why. Sean- I was thinking the same thing this week, but haven't acted on it.

HE IS *NOT WAS* ALIVE. JESUS IS HERE, SALVATION IS HERE, HEALING IS HERE, HOPE IS HERE. No need to search for the living among the dead!

What better way to reveal the other side of the story than by showing you one of my favorite images of a loving God and broken humanity? I originally saw this on the wall in the home of a dear friend- Josh. It has captured me ever since. I hope to own it someday- a copy, not the original. feel compelled. It is a sketch by an amazing artist named Charlie Mackesy. I believe it depicts the anthem of heaven. This, friends, is the rest of the story- one where the once occupied tomb is vacant and the God of the universe makes a way for His beloved sons and daughters to be with Him again. A story where the King dies for his servants, one where the Righteous pursues the rebellious, one where the Champion falls into the grave so that we might rise from it. It's a good one. Have someone tell it to you soon, again. Here it is through the eyes of Charlie. The snapshot comes to us from a story I prefer to call "The Parable of the Unbelievable Father."

from wilmore, with Love.

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