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Friday, March 13, 2009

your top 5?

These conversations has been going on with a few friends for a couple weeks now. Lindsay and I talked about it last night on our hot date too. Ironically, the team I get work with for chapel discussed it last week at their meeting, and I missed it! So, thought I would unleash these great topics in this space, could be pretty fun.

Your top 5, in no particular order, dinner guests, living?

Your top 5, in no particular order, dinner guests, dead?

Mine so far:
Living- Bill Cosby, Bono, Michael Jordan, Coach K, and Fred Beuchner
Dead- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "Pistol" Pete Maravich, John the Beloved, Thomas Merton, Abraham Lincoln

Your turn. Leave in the comments, let's get to talking.

from wilmore, with Love.


Krissi said...

top five living: Arundhati Roy, John Stewart, Chris Heuertz, Marilyn Elliott (for real), and Shane Claiborne--but only if they're all here at once. Come on, you'd wonder, too, what that conversation would be like!

dead: Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Mary Magdalene, Jeremiah the prophet, and Quaker Joseph Rowntree (look him up). It would be fascinating to hear what they all have to say about Jesus and the state of the world today. If I could add a sixth, I'd definitely add Pope John Paul II.

jason said...

Barack Obama
John Stockton
Jerry Sloan
J.D. Salinger
Will Willimon
(Honorable mention: Michael Jordan - only if he is ready to admit he pushed off of Bryon Russell)

Mother Theresa
Paul of Tarsus
Abraham Lincoln
Oscar Romero
(Honorable mention: Pistol Pete)

Brooke said...

Oooh. I'm too scared to commit to this thread and actually write them out.

I only know that Paul would definetely be in my "dead" list. And Moses (since God and he were so close, especially for OT times). And maybe Esther, since I'm studying that book and super intrigued by the 'behind the scenes' details... Is it sad that I'm not overly impressed by "alive" people? LOL

jeremiah said...

@krissi- that WOULD be a great living dinner table.
-John Stewart is a GREAT one. I very much respect his vast intellect and even vaster (yep, made it up) comedic talent.
-Mary Magdelene- so good.

@jb- jd salinger might be a bit creepy- he's way hermitty (yep, that one too) isnt he?
-i dont think you'll get mj to admit that.
-pistol pete 6th? busch league!

@brooke- Esther would be a great one. how much is that the OG cinderella story of all time? Jump in with both feet! There's got to be someone out there who's living you'd want to share a great conversation.

great answers friends, anybody else out there?

Kelly Lawson said...


Not ready to commit! This is a tough question.

Give me another minute (day).

Sarah said...

Ok -
Alive: Erin Gruwell, Shane Claiborne, Angela Thomas, Barack Obama, and Ana Sucely Lopez Aguilar

Dead: John the Beloved, the Apostle Paul, Mother Theresa, Kurt Vonnegut, and Archbishop Oscar Romero of San Salvador

That's the list so far...

jeremiah said...

kurt would be GREAT, good call.
Mother Teresa was a close 6 or 7 for me, good one.
Kelly, where are you???