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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

spirituality and deli meat

More thoughts on doing and being, a previous post-

The intro to the greatest sermon of all time begins with indicative statements of blessings on people's character, not their actions.
Blessed are those who ARE meek, not those who DO or PERFORM meek actions.
Blessed are those who ARE merciful, not those who PERFORM acts of mercy.
Blessed are those who ARE pure in heart, not those who act purely.
...being before the doing yet again.

The endless rabbit-hole paradox is that because being and doing are in fact interwoven such that performing can move us into becoming. The Ancient Hebrews knew this well. Their faith was a tangible, active, fully engrossed kind of faith. Lauren Winner writes in Mudhouse Sabbath, "...action sits at the center of Judaism. Practice is to Judaism what belief is to Christianity. That is not to say that Judaism does not have any dogma or doctrine."
I think the essence of this formation is to understand that being and doing are actually on the same coin. One for each side, and we should see both sides often.

Making my sandwich for lunch today reminded me of an epiphany I had years ago:

As I got older and made my own sandwiches, I would always wonder why they used to taste so much better when Mom made them. Then it hit me, painfully. The difference was that Mom would always cut them in half. The reason why a sandwich tastes so much better when it is cut in half is because your first bite for each side begins with the BEST bite- one that is in the center of the sandwich.
I cut my sandwich down the middle every time now. Thanks Mom.

from wilmore, with Love.


Sarah said...

this whole DOING versus BEING factor has been on my mind for awhile. i JUST read - yes, just merely 30 seconds ago - a few lines from a book by Margaret Feinberg called "Twentysomething: surviving and thriving in the real world". Yes, it sounds like a self-help book that will get you nowhere, if not behind... BUT this is one of those books you have to swallow the title and open it with clenched teeth (i think).
ANYWAY, i just read:
we are not defined by our careers or our relationships or even our life's passions. God's ultimate will for our lives as believers becomes simply this: that we would pursue Him every single day of our lives. That is what defines us. That is what fulfills us.

That was written in the foreword, by Bebo Norman... stoked to read the book. Just wanted to share that - been thinking on this, and striving on this too.

jeremiah said...

great stuff.
my only pushback in that would be this- instead of
pursuing/striving/trying/reaching about "resting"
resting in Him
resting in His love
resting in peace
reasting in _____.
this removes the try and try and try element that I dont think God, as our Father, is particularly stoked about.


Sarah said...

i think that's right. but it's definitely a task to move pass the idea of thriving, reaching, achieving... resting is so not a word of this world... it's something God offers. Yes.