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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

brace yourself

thanks for sending this to me sis!
absolutely amazing...

from wilmore, with Love.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

confessions, part 4

I hate Chipotle Mexican Grill. They're all over Sacramento, CA and I know of one nearby here in Lexington, KY. As a restaurant, it is one that anytime it is mentioned, I must hold back and not outwardly make the cringing disgust face. For about 7 years, I have felt this way; I really hate the Chipotle restaurant. I have many reasons to support this harsh statement, eight in fact. They may seem irrational to you, which is fine, but know that my hatred is not flippant or seeded in some kind of "I had a real bad experience there one time." I didn't at all, which I suppose is a positive.
In spite of my rock solid reasons and loathing, I have gone several times with friends or family. It's pretty hard for me to turn down hangout. Oh sure, I may try and steer the hangout to a different locale, but when the Sacramento masses speak, especially after a Sunday church service, I am ALWAYS outnumbered. In fact, I am perfectly aware that I am in the minority opinion on this one, and it may seem a bit pathetic. And???
Here's the eight reasons, kept for about 3 years on a hard drive, supporting my stance:

1) The indoor tables are bolted to the floor. You can't move them closer together. How anti-community is that?
2) There is not communal salsa bar anywhere. If you want salsa, you have to get it when you order your food. As a low blow, their salsa selection is minimal (I think 3 choices) and not much for taste/spice. Once again, anti-community. The salsa bar convo is almost as much fun as the salad bar convo- both are on the verge of enjoying a great meal together.
3) Chips and salsa cost extra. What?! In a Mexican restaurant you have to pay extra for chips and salsa? Aren't they FREE in every other Mexican food place I've been before??? Exactly. Yep, as if you weren't already overspending. Which leads me to...
4) Overpriced, very overpriced food.
5) Very small portions. They use one scoop of chicken/beef for THREE tacos. Most of the taco ends up being lettuce.
6) They use PURPLE onions in guacamole. Unheard of. Huge Mexican culinary foul here.
7) White rice with cilantro as a side dish? Two horrible things about this- a) if you are attempting a Mexican style of food, steamed white rice is the last side dish you would use. (Cuban, perhaps) Cream corn makes about as much sense. b) that's not cilantro, that's parsley. I am 99% sure of it. You can't smell the cilantro at all, which is a pretty potent leaf. There's nothing Mexican about steamed rice and parsley.
8) Coffeeshop tunes play on an overhead sound system. Distractingly Loud. With a pitiful and puzzling song selection. It really rounds out the whole dining experience. Oh wait, nope. It doesn't.

Confession #4- I hate Chipotle Mexican Grill. I am not sorry about it either.

from wilmore, with Love.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

spirituality and deli meat

More thoughts on doing and being, a previous post-

The intro to the greatest sermon of all time begins with indicative statements of blessings on people's character, not their actions.
Blessed are those who ARE meek, not those who DO or PERFORM meek actions.
Blessed are those who ARE merciful, not those who PERFORM acts of mercy.
Blessed are those who ARE pure in heart, not those who act purely.
...being before the doing yet again.

The endless rabbit-hole paradox is that because being and doing are in fact interwoven such that performing can move us into becoming. The Ancient Hebrews knew this well. Their faith was a tangible, active, fully engrossed kind of faith. Lauren Winner writes in Mudhouse Sabbath, "...action sits at the center of Judaism. Practice is to Judaism what belief is to Christianity. That is not to say that Judaism does not have any dogma or doctrine."
I think the essence of this formation is to understand that being and doing are actually on the same coin. One for each side, and we should see both sides often.

Making my sandwich for lunch today reminded me of an epiphany I had years ago:

As I got older and made my own sandwiches, I would always wonder why they used to taste so much better when Mom made them. Then it hit me, painfully. The difference was that Mom would always cut them in half. The reason why a sandwich tastes so much better when it is cut in half is because your first bite for each side begins with the BEST bite- one that is in the center of the sandwich.
I cut my sandwich down the middle every time now. Thanks Mom.

from wilmore, with Love.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

story still matters

How I wish I could be there tonight.
I have the honor and privilege of knowing these guys, late night talking and laughing with these guys, getting beaten to a pulp in Texas Hold 'Em by one of these guys, late night hoopin with the other, and the blessing of being called their friend.
If you are anywhere near Chapel Hill, NC in the near future on a Tuesday night, do yourself a giant favor and be a apart of this. The heart of Justin and Matt is for people to know the God that loves them beyond belief, to know the Kingdom brought to earth by His son Jesus, and to unveil it to all of Chapel Hill through LOVE.

from wilmore, with Love.

Monday, February 02, 2009

confessions, part 3

I have three slightly irrational fears. I have had these for many years and have no plans of being talked out of them. Here they are in no particular order:

#1- jellyfish

They're absolutely gorgeous though, that's the only problem I have with being deathly afraid of them. I loved looking at them at the Monterrey Aquarium several years ago, but that was only because their was 3 inch thick decorative commercial glass between me and the stinging creatures. Half of my thoughts while visiting any beach are, "I hope I don't get stung by a jellyfish, I hope I don't get stung by a jellyfish, I hope I don't get stung by a jellyfish..." One moment you're enjoying the water, being very successful at keeping the salt out of your mouth, waiting for that perfect wave to bodysurf back to shore, and -BAM!- something has just touched your leg with extreme pain for no reason at all and now you're looking for someone to pee on you. From what I have heard, their sting isn't any kind of defense mechanism, not a protection apparatus. It just...happens. You touch it or it touches you and you got scorching pain and a wicked mark for proof. Seems like their could be something you could do to avoid the sting from coming. Nope. "Don't go near them," is all I have heard. Luckily, I try and block all of this out of my mind every time I am at a beach. Usually, I succeed in this. Still scared though.

#2- kidney stones
You have no idea. It's bad. I am deathly afraid of getting these and then having to pass one. I have heard the pain compared to birthing a child and while I will not ever know what it feels like to birth a child, I have been up very close and very personal with one just 7 months ago. I saw how much fun that wasn't.
***quick tangent- Her eyes light up a room--->***

Pain compared to childbrith cannot be good in any way, I don't care where you're from. Additionally, I haven't heard of any concrete reasons why you might develop kidney stones. Which, AGAIN, means that there's nothing you can do to avoid it. They might just...happen. Truly terrifying, is it not? How UNcomforting does this sound?- "Well sir, these just developed over time and what you will go through in the next 2 weeks even while on prescription strength painkillers and muscle relaxers is enough to make the most brutish of men squeal like a schoolgirl that has seen a spider." Possible effective treatment? Having someone pulverize the stones. Is this some kind of joke? I am outrageously afraid of kidney stones.

#3- vomiting/puking/throwing up/gagging or a combination of any of these within the nausea family
This will not be news to many of you. I hate anything to do with puking- sight, sound, smell, or the act of- hate it. I am terrified of throwing up. The last time I threw up was in February of 2002 (which is why lasagna is tough to eat still). Before that it was either '90 or '91. Before that even, I had only 6 recollections of me throwing up and in all of them, I was sobbing. It terifies me. Still today, the second I get nauseous, I try all I can to avoid puking. Every once in a while I will begin to believe it is God punishing me (this is TERRIBLE theology by the way, a total lie) and I remember making many promises when I was younger to read my Bible and pray more if He would prevent vomit from happening -totally not kidding. Still further, I have concluded that if I could be a superhero I would be "Nausea Man" and would cause all evil forces to fold over in excricating and debilitating nausea to foil their evil plans.
This one time in 5th grade there was a girl who got sick right after lunch and ran out of the classroom while vomitting. She didn't quite make it. Other students saw this and it ended up, true story here, it ended up being a full on, real-deal, vomit domino effect. No lie, at one point, there were 4 girls hovering around the teacher's trashcan puking with all their might. A few other students were running out the door, passing the loyal four around the can, trying to hold it until they got to a toilet. Utter abdominal bedlam. I dry heaved twice as I was on the opposite side of the classroom plugging my ears and pinching my nose to avoid jumping on that train.
Wow, I am done talking about this now.

Confession #3- I have three slightly irrational fears, that under certain conditions, almost consume my thoughts. The good thing is, for now, Annabella's spit up hasn't bothered me one bit. Whshew.

from wilmore, with Love.