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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Twitter + Ministry + Community = ?

Just last week a new E-book has been released by Anthony Coppedge called The Reason Your Church Must Twitter. Coppedge is a pastor, blogger, writer, speaker, and according to his Twitter profile page a "Pastor to the Digital Culture." Check out the book's website here for more info. Twitter, the powerful social networking tool has been reported to have growth of 752% in 2008 and now has over 4.4 million unique visitors- this article here can tell you more of the remarkable growth. With the uncanny ability to enhance relational connections (and by no means replace face to face interaction) and grow a mindfulness towards those within your community, could Twitter be valuable tool for the Kingdom of Heaven in the 21st century context?

from wilmore, with Love.


Anna said...

I'm sure twitter is great and all, but the more we talk about community and communication, I am persuaded that the whole point is what we're communicating, not how. So, I guess I'm asking, ok, facebook, Twitter, blogging, cell phones, texting, 24-7, 360-degree email--so what?

What do you think?

Scott Fillmer said...

just like the other ways we have communicated as a people in previous years, these new areas are here to stay... we can ignore them, but the lost aren't going to, so doesn't that make it a ripe ground for those of us who love the lord to embrace and use as an effective tool. It does in my book.

jeremiah said...

I believe that any of today's methods (fb, twitter, email, text, etc) of communicating can be a powerful means to enhance relationships...both pre-existing relationships and new relationships. The fact that we can have this "discussion" without being in the same room is pretty remarkable. We are able to connect in a conversation that years ago would have had to wait until we all met up somewhere. There is a connection happening at a different level than just face to face. To state the obvious, all these ways are no substitute from sharing a meal and conversation with someone. Late nights in living rooms are hard to top.
I have had personal experience with this being 2,400 miles away from familiar faces, family, and friends for the past 2 1/2 years. When my family goes back to visit during the holidays, almost every time I tell others- I dont feel so far away because of _____ (fb pics and comments, twitter, and texts). These new means of connection relationship building shrink the gap and lessen the distance between people. The church universal now has even more of an incredible ability to connect across continents, much much easier. What we do with yet to be seen.