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Saturday, January 17, 2009

faith and beauty making love

Some big claims here. Still stacking and sorting them all out, but this is what has come out so far...

Faith is at the heart of beauty.
Unless rooted in the existence of something bigger than ourselves, something supernatural, there is no reason for beauty. Without God, beauty would be a waste of time, pointless. Faith is at the very core of beauty, true beauty.

God uses images of beauty to speak of our faith in Him. Perhaps because beauty is something all of us, as His creation, respond to. I read somewhere that Someone spoke of the flowers of the field and the birds of the sky to teach about worrying. Those images are still sticking with me.

Two days ago, this canvas was my “Good morning, my child.” As I took out our dog, Jax, early in the morning, it brought me to a breathless standstill.

Later in the day, my eyes read these lines:
(Isaiah 62:1)
For Zion's sake I will not keep silent,
for Jerusalem's sake I will not remain quiet,
till her vindication shines out like the dawn,
her salvation like a blazing torch.

When the sacred intersection of my faith and His beauty meet, a deeper love for our Creator is birthed within me, and hopefully those around me. God, the author of all beauty, is love. Is. Not was. Not will be. Is. How great is the love [and the beauty] that the Father has lavished on us.

from wilmore, with Love.


Laurie J. said...

mmmmm.... great expression of my heart's thoughts as well! :-) Thanks, J!

Josh said...

Amazing words Jeremiah. Stay where ever you are.

Heather said...