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Saturday, January 24, 2009

confessions, part 1

I have named my journal. Further, I have named my last four journals. They have all had the same name. Butkus.
Allow me explain.
I keep a journal with me everywhere I go. Very rare is a time when it is not in my back pocket or in my front coat pocket in winter. I think outside of bathing, sleeping, and walking Jax, it is always within an arm's reach. For the last 2 years most every idea, sermon note, meeting to-dos, & quote that has come through my head has gone into one of these treasure troves. Where I go, Butkus goes.

Change tracks here.

My favorite movie of all time is Rocky, the 1976 original. Beginning in this film and most of the next 5 sequels (*sigh*) a dog is always with Rocky as he trains in the gym, runs, and lounges at home. This dog's name was Butkus- a true sidekick.

On the back of all of them I have placed a picture of Butkus. One time I got carried away on the size. The "canine" inspiration came from a friend that introduced me to the only kind of journals I will ever buy again. Moleskines. He had referred to his as the "Lil dog" as it too was with him everywhere he went. The bigger size cahiers that he owned were referred to as "Big Dogs." I suppose I took it a step further. You can see a story about that relationship over at Asbury's Web Parish.
B-1 through B-4 = Butkus #1 through Butus #4...this is used for the slightly psychotic archive system I am trying to keep. That's for another time of confession.

Confession #1- I have named, and will always name, my journal. My journal's name is Butkus.

from wilmore, with Love.


Anonymous said...

I really love those artistic photos, they turned out really well. Oh honey, you are so YOU! I love you!


Kelly said...

this is great.

can't wait to read the rest of your confessions.

good kick off!


Laurie J. said...

You are amazing and awesome and I love reading about your oddities! :-)

Anonymous said...

awesome read man, the almighty moleskine! you should check out the 18mo calendar/journal, it's become my life in a leatherbound book. btw i shot you an email. hope all is well.