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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

They have arrived!

I posted this over at our seminary blog and wanted to let EVERYONE know who may be a part of the Asbury Community, but not a frequent reader of blog of ATS.
1st off - check it out at
2nd, brace yourselves...
Our bookstore has them now. An entire end-cap FULL of them. I saw them with my own two eyes this afternoon. They're beautiful. Their presence made my day and I simply had to share.

That's right.

Moleskine Notebooks are at Asbury. All kinds of them.

Charley, as pictured here, is the one to send all of your comments like, "Whoa. This is absolutely incredible. Thank you so much." She made it happen and she slightly resembles Vanna White:

Perhaps I'm a bit too excited, I admit it, but I will not apologize. For the past two years, I haven't written ideas, thoughts, stories, prayers, or notes on anything else but a Moleskine. The durable cover and sturdy binding, the lifetime guarantee, the handy pocket in the back - simplicity and beauty like diamond solitaire...almost . Blame my passion on someone else, who may or may not be standing and expressing joy here with me:


So for other Asbury Moleskine users- and if you aren't, you're a bit curious and tempted to go and see, aren't you?- no more paying shipping to Amazon or driving to Joseph Beth's for your Moleskine needs. Head into the campus bookstore, tell Cassie the bookstore manager that Charley needs a raise, and smile with us.
Does Cokesbury do Christmas layaway?


From Wilmore, with Love.


KellyLawson22 said...

You are such a nerd!

I'm kidding. I know you are excited, and I am excited with you!

Becca Barnes said...

How many moles had to die for your passion... a point to ponder.

These notebooks are very cool and the best thing going that actually uses the word "skin" in its name.

jeremiah said...

@becca- ha!
does it count that it is spelled skinE?

Heather said...

gimme red, pocket, grid.
no- wait....
black pocket, lined.
no- wait...

red, larger, lined.