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Saturday, October 25, 2008

more than red or blue, less about pro or anti

There's something about living rooms in Wilmore, KY that bring such a richness to my life. Tonight was exhibit 368.4.6c of this. At the home of some (soon to be) dear friends I shared an an amazing 3 hour conversation that began at the dinner table and spilled into the living room. Topics included hit n' run experiences we've seen (or took a part in!), the hating of fried okra, how amazing the taco soup tasted, the suffering people in Uganda and Darfur, and even a bit of our favorite stand up comedians. Also, as you might guess, all 8 of us threw our thoughts on the current election with issues and propositions, our responsibilities as citizens of this country, and our responsibilites as citizens of a Kingdom that beckons us to live with a radical faith, hope, and love.
Here are a few (loosely quoted) soundbytes, ripped from the context of the evening, but yet, can stand alone without problems. Well, better put, because the truth of them can stand alone, they are causing me problems. Still, I am wrestling with every syllable.

Loving people doesn't have to include fixing them.

The question usually goes something like, "How many people were converted in your community last year?" But this should be answered as we consider, "How many people were pushed farther away from God because of the way your day to day living?"

What does unconditional love for people look like in every facet of life, really?

Lose the hidden agenda with people. It sucks. Love for love sake- not for attendance, sermon series publicity, or finances for a building campaign.

Jesus railed against the pious and religious. He shared meals with the marginalized and scandalous.

The church is the worst at displaying grace. (This wasnt said in the living room, but by a friend I talked to later, trying to process this all...thanks B)

Behind every issue and proposition on the dockett lies people- with real lives, stressful jobs, broken or healthy families, and deep emotions. When we speak of these people as mere "issues" and "situations", or "platforms", it is dehumanizing.
The Kingdom is here. God give me the courage to live it out beyond Nov. 4th.

From Wilmore, with Love.