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Friday, September 05, 2008

readin, livin, and arithmetic

I am loving my new roles/jobs here at Asbury. For one of them, I am a part of the Worship Design Team which helps craft the worship and formation through the chapel services and much more. Every semester, as an entire seminary community, we walk through the same passages of Scripture for devotional reading and Christ-like living. This semester (continuing from this past summer) we will become immersed in the greatest sermon ever preached - Matthew 5-7, the Sermon on the Mount.
I am working on 3 somewhat simple math equations for you, all saying the same thing but with three different answers...I guess an equation with 3 different answers isn't all that simple, sorry. Don't worry though, no study hall will be necessary:

A life in common + A common text = spiritual formation

Shared lives + immersion in Scripture = practicing what Wesley called the "means of grace", which can also be defined as, the pipelines in which God's reckless grace pours into our lives.

Twitter + Liturgy = Twiturgy

Get in, let's go.

From Wilmore, with Love.


Eric said...

I am loving twiturgy! Y'all made a great call with this one.

the sniders said...

we are talking about spiritual formation and "means of grace" in one of my classes. mind if i quote you from this blog in my paper?

jeremiah said...

eric - glad to hear bro!
chris - go for it!

Sean Gafner said...

sunflower seeds + Oregon Lotto = GO DUCKS! (and waking up to you rolling my window down)

Sean Gafner said...

I love you bro. I love that though we, by doing what is absurd and messy, will probably never live in the same town again BUT get to spend eternity together on a NEW earth where messy and absurd is extraordinarily ordinary!

Derek S. said...

I really enjoy your blog. You have awesome insights and thoughts. I like that you write in a style more or less parallel to mine.

jeremiah said...

sean gee - welcome back, missed ya man.

derek - thanks bro! thats encouraging to hear.