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Monday, July 21, 2008

she's the bestest

I must warn you though - there will only be the occasional picture or video of her on this blog. And I am pretty confident this doesnt make me an unproud daddy. You see, I could VERY easily turn this space into the Annabella Show, trust me, I really could. But, Lindsay and I have devoted a site to just her, all her smiles, laughs, coos, and sneezes...besides our Facebook pages. And not that she isnt a part, a huge part, a "she's more than I can thank God for" kinda part of our lives now...because, without question, she is. So, if you'd like to take a peek at her own site, and you promise not to send out the link like a spam email advertising for lower mortgage rates or cases of generic Viagra, I will send it to you. Just request it in the comments.
Until then, here's our AnnieBee in a shirt given to her from "Aunt" Limneth.
One word - friggin adorable.

From Wilmore, with Love.


jason said...

she's gorgeous homie!

also - that bicep is going to be like "24-inch-python" hauling AB around. My new workout plan consists of Stockton curls (3 sets of 10 or until he cries) everyday.

lauren said...

i would LOVE to have her website. love seeing pictures and hearing stories of your little girl. :D

Sarah said...

I would love her website address. My husband has his blog and I have one for our little girl/ me/ and baby to come.

Rebecca said...

hit me!