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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

slippery-slope phobia

I have tried to squeeze all the cynicism out of these thoughts, just like the Shamwow guy with the Garth Brooks microphone. It's almost gone I think...I hope...I pray. As my mom has said often, “We’ll just hafta see.”

Life isn't clean. Can we agree to agree on this one? There are hangnails, loose ends, and more gray areas than most would like to admit. Not all decisions are as clear cut as they were in the junior high cafeteria - chicken bake or corn dog? sweet corn or green beans? (for the record, gimme that corn combo). Even among Christians there are plenty of heated, nay, fuming debates, over actions and decisions that aren’t even clear cut in the Scriptures. (No, watch yourself. Don't read this as a post in response to the recent legalization of gay marriages in CA. Nice try.) Many times, the conversation/argument resolves to someone saying something to the effect of, “_____ is really something that probably isn’t the safest thing. It has the potential to lead to ____. You never know what you’re gonna get into if you ____. Be careful, ___ is just a slippery slope.” And pow, there it is - the proverbial “slippery slope”. It rears its incredibly ugly head yet once again.

Time out.
Quick tangent about to be taken, come along - clear cut and blatant un-loving or un-righteous actions and decisions don’t apply here. Sin sucks. Sin poisons. Sin blinds. Let’s not get confused here. Those are blatant fire pits with laser-equipped snakes in them, and those should definitely be avoided at all costs. Come on, they're freaking laser beams on snakes.
Time in, ball on...

If you are constantly in fear of the slippery slope, you will never go anywhere.


You’ll stay put, protect you and your family, get comfortable, wonder, get complacent, and finally, get suspicious of the risk takers - all in that order, I think.

Lately, it sounds like the slippery slope has done more damage, or more accurately, has prevented more good from happening, just by the mere possibility of it existing. We, especially as Christians, are terrified of this thing. How much more could the people of God do simply by realizing that the slippery slope is merely the mole hill that many have made into a mountain that stands in the way of something beautiful that God wants to do through us?

We follow a Shepherd that told His flock that He sends them to places where wolves tread. "Like sheep among wolves," He said. Wolves. Teeth, really long legs, and all. Like the same one I saw at the movies when I was about ten - White Fang. Or, if Dances with Wolves is your thing - Twosocks. Wolves and sheep don’t mix - like Montagues and Capulets, Shark and Jets, baking soda and vinegar...its all bad news.
And that’s where He sends us. Does this sound safe? Or does he believe we can handle it? - because of who He is, Emmanuel, God with us.

Choose "I didn't make it" over "I never tried". Choose flight over fear. Choose risk over regret.

From Wilmore, with Love.


Chris said...

I have been trying to write for two weeks what you just wrote here. So thank you. Seriously, thank you - I'm tired of the church playing it safe! We ban alcohol, we ban dancing, and worst of all we ban associating with people who use those things and anything that could be worse. And it's bad.

jeremiah said...

wow, thanks bro.
stoked to hear that.
The Spirit of God is speaking to this generation of leaders and followers...

Jerolyn Bogear said...

Thanks Jeremiah. Great thoughts. Right there with you, Brother.

Sean Gafner said...

some blogs are funny. some tell stories. some are informational. some are incouraging. some are a waste of the readers time. and some are used by God as confirmation in more peoples lives than the "comment" section would even show...thanks for the confirmation, I choose to jump and possibly miss and fall on my shamwow!

Sean Gafner said...

ENcouraging...I know...don't judge me.

Sarah Spezia said...

This is encouraging to read when thinking about this upcoming school year. Thanks, J-man!