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Friday, June 20, 2008

her name means jewel of beautiful grace

She prefers Annabella Jewel Aja though.
7 lbs, 4 oz, 20 inches long
Her eyelashes are amazingly LONG and gorgeous.
She's got long skinny feet like her daddy and a full head of black hair.
She has her moms round face, happy to be here, and looks forward to meeting you.

We got to the hospital today at 930am...and met our daughter at 1:00 exactly.
Lindsay is rockstar mom of the year, without question, a la naturale baby - literally.
After just pushing for under 90mins, pop.
We love her and have waited for what seems like eternity to meet her, here she is...
Haaappy Biiirrrthdaaay Annabeeellaaa!

We're parents!

From Wilmore, with Love.


Brooke said...

Oh- seriously, she's beautiful!! She's a perfect mix of the two of you, I think she looks a lot like Lindsay!!!

You guys... I'm so happy for you!!

Welcome to the world Annabella!! We are so excited you are here and can't wait until you come to visit! Take easy on your parents, this is their first time around, k? :D

Love you guys!
Josh, Brooke & Evie O

Brooke said...

OH! And Lindsay, you look FANTASTIC!

Jennifer Herring said...

Woohoo!! Congratulations!

(And I agree with Brooke - the baby is adorable and Lidsay looks great!)


Anonymous said...

"after 90 minutes.....pop" (just so's ya know, J, that 90 minutes actually feels like 90 HOURS, when your the "pusher" (and probably to the "pushee", as well).

Anabella is beautiful, and I LOVE the "footsies" photo (they look ready to slap those Chucks on).

Well done! Enjoy your little sweet-smelling bundle from heaven:-)

LizRice (and ALL the Rices)!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl!
Book recommendation for Jeremiah:
The Daddy Almanac - full of great ideas for Dads.
She is one beautiful kid. If she came out in 90 minutes I'll be praying that you two get to sleep through the night as well.
You may start drinking coffee yet J!
In Him
Dan Bode

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, one more thing.
I started a journal for each of the kids when they were in grade school. I would have done it sooner, but I didn't come up with it before that.
I started one for Kaya when Jen told us she was pregnant. And I'm doing one for each of the other grandkids as well. I gave the girls theirs on their 18th birthdays. I just talked about what I wanted them to know about me most. I learned a lot from it, and continue to learn as I write to each of them. I hope it gives them a true sense of their legacy, but in the end it's just helping to satisfy my own desire to know them as much as possible and for them to know me when I go home. Just a thought.

Michael said...

She's beautiful bro! Congrats! I can't tell who she looks like yet, but I am praying Lindsay :-)

I think she has your feet though!

Michael said...

Nevermind, she definitely looks like Linds! Especially in that picture with her eyes closed!

Katie Thompson said...

Okay so i wont be the first to say this or the last but she is beautiful and i totally agree she looks like lindsay..for now! by the way..i know i am not the first to figure this out but her initials are AJA..i love that!!!! love you guys and i cant wait to see her and hold her!!!! give her an extra kiss from me!

KellyLawson22 said...

You guys are amazing! Your daughter is amazing and I am so glad to have met her-- she's gorgeous and seriously-- I LOVE those eyelashes!!!!


Anonymous said...

She is so sweet! Her eyelashes are amazing! We can't wait to meet her.

The Wyley Crew

dan said...

Amazing!!! Congratulations!!!

Krista Nicholas said...

YEAH!! Congratulations! We are so excited to see you all looking wonderful and that beautiful little girl, what a cutie! We can't wait to meet her! Big hugs from all of us! Enjoy this amazing time with your little blessing!
Love, The Nicholas Crew

Jerolyn Bogear said...

She's gorgeous! And what a set of eyelashes. Get your gun polished, Dad.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you got the birth you wanted, the baby you adore, and you all look great in the bargain! Welcome, Anabella Jewel, and relax and enjoy, J. and L.!

Rebekah Nutter

The J's Simmons said...

From the land of the Scots...Congrats! You guys are beautiful!
Justin & Jeanine

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Jeff had your picture up on the screen this morning at church. What a dolly you have! Best wishes to all of you.

Hugs, Barb Parkison

Rebecca said...

OHHHHH!!! LOOK AT HER!!! SHE IS AMAZING!!! Those eyelashes are ridiculous!! I have NEVER seen eyelashes like that on a newborn. Ohhhh, we are sooo excited for you guys. Your wife IS amazing!!

Welcome Anabella Jewel! The Gafner clan CAN'T WAIT to meet you!!

Sean Gafner said...

UNBELIEVEABLE!!!I'm so stoked for this new chapter of y'all. I also can't wait to hear and for how long you cried after she was born? Doesn't it just make you so proud of Lyndsie; it is so good for your marriage!!! I love you guys.

Marilyn said...

Wow - I have never seen such dark eyelashes on a baby. What a little darling tomato! I am so proud of you both. Can't wait to see her personally.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we are bored of the lack of blogging from "one of the best bloggers" hurry it up Daddy!

Your Wife