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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

joyful feet tales

This past weekend I was privileged to travel back to Sac, CA to take part in a wedding. One of my first 8th graders in youth ministry was marrying his high school sweetheart and invited me to stand alongside him as a groomsman. It was an honor, it was also proof that I truly was aging, quite the “tearful smile meets tearful grimace” kinda weekend. For those keeping score, the smiles won by a landslide. Classic black and white Chuck Taylor low tops were our groomsman gifts…which we wore WITH our tuxes that day. They look pretty punk rock chic (read sheek, not the slang term for a girl), I loved it. Walking around the grounds of the wedding and reception site with tuxes and Chucks made us feel a whole new level of toughness, sort of an elite, nicely dressed, band of street toughs, if you will. The hilarity of that line lies in the fact that the day was celebrated at something called the Flower Farm. I suggested we all write on the inside of our shoes to commemorate Chris and Lauren’s day – because I don’t want to forget that day for a long time. It was filled with goofy moments with a camera man, first-time-having-sex jokes, delicious food, over-the-top fun dancing, funfetti wedding cake, all in a brand new pair of shoes, while wearing clothes you could get filthy because they weren’t really yours.
These shoes helped begin a story that day, the Story of Chris and Lauren as One. A beautiful story it will be, no question. I was truly humbled in these shoes as I served them communion during the ceremony. These shoes have made prints in the grass while I spoke of Jesus’ last dinner table conversation. I shared with Chris and Lauren that they would have many special moments at the dinner table, many sacred times at mealtimes, just as He did that night. The black canvas covered my nervous toes while I painted the white canvas with the Story of Redemption for them to see for the first time as married couple. These meager sneakers have participated in the holy. They look like any other pair of black Chucks, but these were worth showing you.

About 1 month to go until someone can match her daddy…

From Wilmore, with Love.


JohnDeere said...

The black canvas covered my nervous toes while I painted the white canvas with the Story of Redemption for them to see for the first time as married couple.

nice touch jaja. jd

Jennifer Herring said...

Hey there Jeremiah,

I saw your comment on Brooke's blog and had to come see yours. It looks like your getting close to Daddy-hood! Woohoo! Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

First of all, you're an amazing writer. And speaker. And person. And friend. And husband. And soon-to-be father.
So there's that.

Jeremiah said...

Thanks friends...encouragement is awesome...especially in denominations of $20 or $50.

lauren said...

thanks jeremiah. this blog means a lot to us. we were honored to have you a part of our wedding. so blessed to have lindsay and you and (now) annabella a part of our lives.