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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Smell that? Someone tracked in a whole big pile of gratitude on the virtual rug on their way in. This morning it has struck me that I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the whirlpool of life’s ingredients lately - catching up with a good friend after not hanging in what seemed like months (in reality in was just 10 days), Lindsay & I being the class cut-ups in our Breathing and Relaxation on Monday night, sitting barefoot in the driveway at midnight on the phone with another friend, completing two major assignments after a sleepless night, working here at the Student Center of Asbury…and the list will continue later.
Through all of this, over all of this, I realize something else. God is so much bigger than 2,000 years of Christianity. He’s bigger than a leather bound book with really thin pages and red-letter sprinkles. He’s bigger than Sunday…or Saturday night. He’s bigger than clasped hands, candles, hymnals, and angels. He’s big enough to be unavoidable in any aspect of your life and mine. He speaks through and beyond what you have been raised to expect. He’s the God of surprise and astonish. He’s the God of inducing the pregnancy of gratitude.
Lately, here’s why:

The “Yes we Can” speech put to music by Will I Am and friends
Email rhymin battles with my boys
The LIVE version of Gravity by J Mayer
The Marsh’s snack spread every Tuesday night for Idol
The future of Chapel Hill, NC *wink*
Baby showers
My dog Jax being awesome
My wife looking blazing hot while carrying our daughter in her belly
Consecutive days of sunshine
My back slowly starting to heal
Getting to hear JB preach in chapel on May 1
Free long distance and unlimited minutes after 7pm (shameless plug for Sprint)
Hearing Andy and Krista’s amazing journey.

There you are - gratitude and thanksgiving sans mound of whipped cream on pumpkin pie.

From Wilmore, with Love.


KellyLawson22 said...

great post, friend.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs always make me miss you more! :-)
Thanks for the reminder of how big God is.