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Friday, April 11, 2008

friday smiles

A poem to begin…

Rain is great, rain is good
It waters our plants and gives us food
Our Kentucky grass, so green, so purdy
But when it’s gray & rainy more than twice a week I get depressed and feel like I live in Seattle
The End

To combat the gloomies this morning, here are three, count em, three reasons to smile. AND, if you love music, this will be three reasons to say “Yesss!”

If you endured adolescence in the early 90’s, can I get a witness here? You had the blank tape all set in your AM/FM cassette stereo in your room. And if it wasn’t your blank tape, it was a normal cassette you found around the house, probably your parents Michael Bolton Christmas tape, and you scotch taped the top tabs so that you could use it as a blank tape. Right? Your fingers rested on the RECORD button, impatiently waiting for the #1 song to come on the favorite radio countdown show you were devoted to. Sacramento’s hip-hop station was called “The Hot 8 at 8” The beat begins, you mash that record button (probably had to press PLAY at the same time in order for the record function to operate, at least mine was that way), and you’ve got it. Mix tape perfection! You’re on your way to memorize every syllable of the hottest song on the radio. You fantasize about your group of friends who will envy you, wishing they could have been home to tape it too, but they had to go to Mervyn’s with their mom. The scenes of impressing girls (or boys) with every word of the second verse at lunchtime…maybe now they’ll go see Jurassic Park with you this weekend? You are finally capturing this song that plays 47 times a day, and now, you can hear it even more. What if you made someone else a copy, that would definitely up the street cred right? You feel really, really, unbelievable cool.
The DJ has to destroy it all by talking all over the intro and into the first few bars of the song!
*insert AT LEAST 18 seconds of “urban” radio personality jargon here*
It’s ruined, all ruined! Why do they have to do that? Don’t they know the future of my junior high career solely depends on their silence right now?

Here is a great website to reclaim your mix tape prowess –
Its completely FREE to sign up, and legitimately legal – make your own mix tape! You can pick from most any artist, almost any song. You can even choose and DESIGN the tape itself! Then, send it to friends, share with others…me! I haven’t created one yet, but will soon.

Also, another reason to smile on Friday
FREE downloadable music. A free mix with a new and creative theme every week.
Check it out.

Finally, the best for last…especially if you are a Counting Crows fan
This is a link to a music blog that has a zip file download of a ‘93 bootleg recording of a Counting Crows show in Boulder, CO. Absolutely beautiful. If you are a fan, these 10 songs will be sweet audible delicacies.
The grass is still green and it is still raining.

From Wilmore, with Love.


Anonymous said...

YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!! "but they had to go with their mom to Mervyn's..." PRICELESS! How I miss you!

All those crazy tape mix sites you youngsters will probably love -- I'll stick with good ol' Bill and Gloria.... :-)


KellyLawson22 said...

hey. remember when you used to blog?

I remember. Those were good times.