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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Everybody now, “I said bay-bee giirrl!”

If you are familiar with and unashamed to admit that you know the Timbaland song “The Way I Are” raise your hands, like you just don’t care, and sing along with me today.
Last night, Lindsay returned to Wilmore after a 4 day, 2 babyshower, sun-filled, pedicure extravaganza in Sacramento. With her came a bloated suitcase (thanks again Jacksons!) overflowing with pinks, pastels, purples, other girly colors beginning with “P”, butterflies, blankets, stuffed animal friends, “onzies” (why don’t when babies get older do they wear twozies?), bibs, burp cloths, and much more that I have to stop listing due to the very fact that I don’t know all of the correct names of said girlish and babyish items.
If anything is true about the 50 pound mound of soft n’ gentle covering our couch last night, we are definitely having a GIRL. Seriously. That was a whole lot of pink holding our couch hostage. It was amazing to see the love poured out from our family and friends in Sacramento in forms of bows, stripes, flowers, polakdots - all in pink or purple or colors that have the names of fruit. Thank you a thousand times.

Also I thought last night, “This is really happening.”

Some of the clothes we have for Baby Girl are for when she is, at least it looks like to me, 1 year old. I was getting used to the reality of having a little newborn around the house…but she will be growing into a real-life-little-person-girl?!? Someone gave us an outfit set with overalls and it almost brought me to tears because it was the biggest thing we have so far and made me think, “That is HERS.” She will wear that. It will get dirty. We will wash it. We will put it on gentle dry cycle. She will wear it again. Repeat.

Waking up this morning and seeing “someone else’s” clothes in our house puts a whole new spin on things. I cant wait to meet her. I cant wait to spin her round and round. She will laugh. I will laugh more. When she sleeps at night, I will cry. When she cries at night, I will hold her, (really I will!). We will wake the next day. Repeat.
Again, whoa.

From Wilmore, with Love.


Brooke said...

The growth is gradual, thank goodness! I think God does that for a reason... It's happening before your eyes and then all of the sudden u are looking back at pictures and doing a double take, "when did my baby get so big?"

KellyLawson22 said...

Wow! What a great post, Jeremiah! I am sure that is weird to have someone else's stuff invading your house-- but it's not an invasion, I guess. This is your daughter-- who has not yet been born-- but here, you are making a place for her. Very cool. Very weird. Very awesome.

KellyLawson22 said...

P.S. Loving Google Reader! Thanks for showing me how to put it to use!

Anonymous said...

I love my Daddy!

~Your Daughter

Anonymous said...

Loved this post, J! We missed you being here, but it was great to have Lindsay -- so much FUN, these babies! :-)
Love you!

Marilyn said...

this is real ... and she is a person. who is going to like you and unlike you, who is going to make you crazy and make your life more than you ever dreamed. have your heard the song, "that's my daughter... in the water" ... look it up!

jason said...

I disagree with Kelly.

It is an invasion. An invasion of your space, your heart, your time, your energy, and your adult conversation / interaction. Invasion is the only word that does it justice.

but it is a beautiful invasion that you will willingly and lovingly surrender to. get ready dad, baby girl is coming to claim your heart.