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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Slipping through the cracks

I wrote this sometime back in the fall, but apparently it didn't make it to the production trailer until now. Though you will read more than likely read this on Friday or sometime during the weekend, know that it was meant for the kind of Wednesday we all have had and all will have again...

Boys and girls, today’s word of the day is “sass”, a derivative of the great word, “sassy”. I remember a not so old (early 90's) bit on Saturday Night Live about this word where Phil Hartman said something to the effect of, "You smell that? *long pause* yep, smells like someone stepped in a big pile of sass on the way in!" I found it funny then and still now. By the way, that line will get a laugh 93% of the time...believe me.
If you look up sass or sassy in the dictionary you’ll find that a synonym is another great little word – “cheeky”.
Say it out loud to yourself, its fun.
You totally just said it a few times then snickered, didn’t you?

While at work this morning, I found myself with a little extra bite in my tone today and it was reciprocated with a double helping from my friend and boss, Sarah.

She said these choice words, “Sass is the fuel that gets me through the Wednesdays.”
So fuel up, wherever you are at today friend. Sass if free and environmentally friendly.
Sass wont require a southern accent, it goes great with denim or khaki, and it wont cause drowsiness. So why not sass it up today?
Let it roam where you and your smile takes you. With sass, “oh, the places you’ll go”.

From Wilmore, with Love.


Scott & Carissa Martin said...

Yay! What a great tribute to one of the greatest words of all time. I love me some sass!

Sarah said...

I forgot to tell you that sass also gets me through Mondays. And Thursdays. ---sarah j

KellyLawson22 said...

Hello!!!! I LOVE sass!!!!!

Anonymous said...

stick "pants" with the word, and tell me you can see yourself giving a talking to, to your almost teenaged daughter, in about 12 1/2 years....

as in: "knock off the sassy-pants, Moira Aja, or you'll be spending the evening in your room"

("Moira"? what the heck? who names their kid that? .... even a middle name? so, so, so very not okay)...


Liz "M" Rice

Jeremiah said...



Anonymous said...

Uh, J, "Moira" really IS Liz's middle name.



Anonymous said...

Uh, J, "Moira" really IS Liz's middle name.



Marilyn said...

Sass is what our office is about big boy. And let me say, that is a SASSY picture you have of yourself on the front page. And darn it all, SASS gets us through Tuesdays too.

The LeRoys said...

i love the 'cheeky' reference. for some time i have felt that it is the best way to describe what i love about british folk. 'that cheeky brit' is my favorite descriptive phrase.