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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

my ode to the guild of striking geniuses

So here it is, The NBC gem “The Office” meets cult classic pearl “High Fidelity”...

What is your Top 5 favorite Office episode openers?
I have a very hard time placing these in any order, but here they are with a few honorable mentions.

Opener from The Secret –
“What’s updog? Nothing much, whats up with you?”
Then Michael trying to stick it to Stanley (the Manley), “Hey Stanley, is that jacket made of updog?”
“I’m on the phone!”

Opener from Product Recall –
Jim dressed and PLAYING Dwight PERFECTLY:
”…a grand total of 11 dollars.”

Opener from The Fight –
Dwight’s desk hidden in the bathroom: ”Where is my desk?”
Jim responds brilliantly with “Calm down, where did you last see it? OK, let’s retrace your steps.”

Opener from Booze Cruise –
Dwight’s office supplies in the vending machine:
“Oh, a pencil cup, I love these!”
“Where’s my wallet?”
“Oh, there it is J1. Here’s some nickels.”

Opener from Back from Vacation –
Dwight recording the meeting while Michael is gone:
“”Let the record show that Dwight is now wearing a baby’s bonnet!”
“Im cutting Phyllis’ head off with a chainsaw! Rrrrrrun nuuuuun niiiiin!”
*awkward stares at Andy*

Honorable mentions:

Branch Closing -
“I send Dwight faxes.
From himself.
From the future.”
The coffee spilling all over Stanley is so aggressive!

Michael’s Birthday -
“Who uses calling cards anymore anyway?”
“How is this not a pyramid scheme?”

Grief Counseling -
“Pam would you like me to get you a pencil from the warehouse? *Dwight laughs like it is the first time he has seen someone walk down fake stairs*

Your reactions, your disagreements, your Top 5, your excuse for thinking that Jim is actually going to call you to talk about how things went with Pam over Christmas?

From Wilmore, with Love.


jason said...

Dude!! 3 QUALITY POSTS. I keep meaning to come back and write on each one - but you've already thrown another one up!

Was your New Year's Resolution to make the blog magic happen?

LOVE the Office openers, LOVE the borrowed poetry, but most of all LOVE your own poetry.

oh yeah - the new pic is nice too. Everybody's got a blog pic now!

Jeremiah said...

ha...well an indirect and undisclosed resolution i suppose. thanks for the love on the poetry, it was a God moment at Starbucks last week.

The pic fit perfectly even though it kinda looks like my color scheme mean to communicate that i only drive electric or hybrid automobiles while wearing my organic cotton shirt.

Brooke said...

“Im cutting Phyllis’ head off with a chainsaw! Rrrrrrun nuuuuun niiiiin!”
*awkward stares at Andy*

Ah ha ha ha.

Seriously, dying...

KellyLawson22 said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. GREAT choices, my friend! High-quality.

KellyLawson22 said...

I do also like the opener from The Injury.

"Today, I got up, I stepped onto the grill, and it clamped down on my foot, that’s it. I don’t see what’s so hard to believe about that."

Jim: Just say, really loudly, what happened.

Jeremiah said...

I love it when Jim asks Michael to repeat what happened and then responds to the speaker phone -"You slammed YOUR foot in a GEORGE FOREMAN grill?

KellyLawson22 said...

I also thought about how much I like the opener for The Convention. Not an episode I watch very often but here are a few lines from the opening scene:

Michael: Did you see Oprah yesterday?
Pam: No, I didn't.
Michael: I, uh... I am going to be a father.
Pam: What was Oprah about?
Michael: Angelina Jolie was on. And she adopted a baby from Asia, and she said that it changed her life. And that really inspired me. So, I want you to look into seeing how much a little Chinese baby would cost.

Pam: Roy's sister looked into it, and the application alone costs a thousand dollars.
Michael: Um... find out if there's a cheaper, less expensive baby out there, okay?
Pam: You know, she also said the waiting list is like eight months.
Michael: Eight months?
Pam: Yeah.
Michael: I don't even know if I'll want a baby in eight months.
Pam: You probably won't.

The Swartys said...

Hey jeremiah, I was thinking about you the other day and the fact that you were to good for our camp (some baby excuse, seriously lame, seriously joking) and was praying things were good for you. Take care man.

Jeremiah said...

aw man!
I woulda loved to hang with you guys this summer! Thanks for the prayers bro, the THREE of us are doing great these days...cold but great.

jason said...

after reviewing further episodes of the office, here are a few more

Opener from The Negotiation: my boy Dwight saves Jim Halpert from a stampeding Roy!

Not sure which opener: Jim trains Dwight to want Altoids every time he shuts Windows down.

KellyLawson22 said...

Unfortunately, that whole Altoid thing happens on Phyllis' wedding episode-- an episode far too awkward to watch frequently... but that really IS a great opener, Jason!

And of COURSE. Dwight saves Jim. How could we forget?

LizRice said...

Last night on TBS (two back to back episodes, each Tuesday 10PM PST), the episode were Jim is running the meeting (while being tape recorded by Dwight) was on!!! Yay, that is my favorite "cold opening" (which is what Buck calls those, so I have to as well)...