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Friday, January 04, 2008

for our 15 week old child

Tell Me a Secret

Will you have bows and pigtails or short and spikies?
Will you want the blue balloon or the purple?
Will warts be “megacool” or “ew gross”?
Tell me if you will leave shiny lip gloss on my cup or hog it all with no evidence left behind

Will you break the hearts of dumb boys or crazy girls?
Diego or Dora?
Samson or Queen Esther?
Brownies or Cubs?...please Lord, neither.
Tell me a secret my little one

Will you be Daddy’s little girl or Mama’s little boy?
Train tracks or Easter dresses?
Videogame all-nighters or slumber parties?
Tell me a secret, I won’t tell your mom

Make sure she doesn’t hear your tiny voice, made by tiny lips and a tiny tongue to match the tiny breaths
Cup your tiny hands with tiny fingers and tell me
Prince or princess?
Homecoming King or Drama Queen?
Tell me, I can’t stand to wait

Repeat after me my child
“Daddy, I am your little…”
- JOY.
From Wilmore, with Love.


Anonymous said...

You are the best Daddy already! I love you!

~Your Wife

Anonymous said...

LOVED that poem, J!

Your baby is so lucky to have parents who are so crazy in love with him/her already! :-)

Missing you guys,

Laurie J

The J's Simmons said...
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The J's Simmons said...

You had me at hello! No really, dude, that is so awesome. Jeanine and I are so excited for you guys! Be sure to take a picture of you in the red jacket...this little one, boy or girl, can find it in the future and ask can tell the story of the kid that over came the bully and became the ruler of the play ground :)
Peace Brother!

Marilyn said...

Now that is writing. You are going to get a 4.0 in daddy-hood!

Brooke said...

I had a dream it was a little boy... let me know if I'm a prophet or a crazy person-- or both :D

Jeremiah said...

brooke! - yeah, Lindsay told me about that this morning! Feb 6th we will all know...hopefully Baby is turned the right way - cant wait!

ps - as it relates to our child, i have said I CANT WAIT well over 70 times!

McF said...

I was so ready to make fun of you for writting a poem, then I almost cried reading it. I hate you!

Love you guys. Can't wait to meet the little one!