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Monday, June 04, 2007

The mission statement of a lifetime

Sometimes when you least expect it, things hit you with a kilo of clarity and shock. Last week was one of those moments. I’ll bypass right through all the details and letcha have it.
I found this mission statement last week:
“to consistently create encore experiences that enrich lives one person at a time.”

*proverbial long pause and soaking in of the statement*

This was found AT A RESTAURANT in Nicholasville…Zaxby’s as a matter of fact. Which, as a tangent point, has dee-li-shush chicken. Chicken wings, chicken ceasar salads, chicken strips, chicken sandwhiches, chicken popsicles i think, AND the crushed ice they have at Sonic – whatta awesome way to back up that mission statement of theirs.

So this hits me as I read it ON THE RECEIPT – Isn’t this what my life should be as a follower of Christ? Isn’t this what the church should model? How much more of an encore experience could you crave after being rescued and accepted by Jesus? What deserves an encore like the Resurrection? You kiddin me?
Enriching - the church
One person at a time – Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.
Consistency - ?
Now here is where the illustration breaks down. Does my life reflect the attitude of Christ – consistently?
My prayer, and your prayer should be, is that our lives should be enriching to others…consistently.
Taste and see that the Lord (is it sacrilegious to say Zaxby’s too?) is so, so good.

From Wilmore…and soon to be Sacramento, with Love.


Jason said...

This post made me think about when you saw that mission statement...I was there with you and the other folks that dominate the top ten quality list. Then it made me sad because the top ten quality list won't be together for a couple MONTHS!

Two thoughts though
1. Zaxby's chicken is RIDICULOUS (say it like Billy!)

2. Do you think anyone would notice if I totally gank that mission statement?

The LeRoys said...

yummm... zaxby's chicken club with some type of miraculous sauce on it (which, when I asked, they said was just mayo! well, magical mayo, maybe). great thoughts, homey. have a great time in 'sac town puts the smack down' this summer. i know it will be great. much love.

chad said...

mayo, hot sauce, some worshestire (spelling), a bit of garlic and alot of black pepper.

yeah I got curious one day and played around until I got it right.

KellyLawson22 said...

Yeah, so the consistency thing is definitely my hang-up... repeatedly. So thanks for the challenge, my friend. I appreciate it.

But in other news, Z to the Axby's sure is great. I might even say it's Schrute-tastic. When I was away at summer camp for Billy's birthday (what kind of wife AM I?), Billy said he treated himself to Zaxby's for dinner. I think it was a good choice.

jason said...

i need more cowbell

chad said...

so really....I have all these hits on my website from someone googleing your name.