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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Charlotte would be proud

Spiderweb of thoughts comin atcha

I can’t decide which is better – a Sac, CA morning at about 7am or a Sac, CA evening at about 830pm…tough life out here, lemme tell ya.

The other day Lindsay and I walked into a room somewhere, I cant remember, and she said, “It smells like hotdog water in here.” I lost all composure and laughed hysterically.

Lindsay and I are struggling as to which “home” to call “home”. Wilmore or Sacramento? Friends, familiarity, traffic, and Mongolian BBQ is here but friends, familiarity, humidity, and our bed is out there in Wilmore – can you see the quandary?

I am in awe of how much people have welcomed us back here to Sacramento. Our church family has absolutely LAVISHED us in meals, laughs, and great memories. We are the definition of blessed, no question.

I am stoked to be speaking on a regular basis again. At the same time, after 9 months at Asbury, I have grown to see how precious and delicate the sermon really is. It is such a fragile gift – something that deserves to be handled with extreme care in presenting to the People of God. I love it, I will miss it when we leave.
Sherwood sounds so much better with windows down on a CA night…sorry to say.

It’s weird how we see cars around here and think, “Oh hey, (insert KY friend here) is here!...oh wait, no they’re not *sadface*”

I may come back about 15 pounds heavier as a result of all of the eating out and Starbucks.

Speaking of, did you know that there are 13g of fat and 59g of sugar in a grande chai frappe at Starbucks? More sugar than a Mountain Dew? Crazy.

Age of Love, have you heard/seen this new show? The EPITOME of our American culture these days! Can you imagine the brainstorming sessions of these NBC execs? They have got a recipe for “good TV”, no question. But dude, how low can it go…on NETWORK TV?
½ cup Temptation Island
2 gallons of The Bachelor
Stir ingredients.
Note: When this happens it will begin to smell like every other post-7pm show that mixes attractive women, a contest that I is stretched only to reveal the winner or loser at the end of ANOTHER commercial break, and every other “reality” show. When you begin to smell this rank stench, don’t worry, that is how it is supposed to smell.
Sprinkle Catfights between attractive and shallow women

(quick tangent – how is ANY of this or any other show “reality”??? Are you kidding me, what is real about this guy who has like 12 women ranging in ages from 20-45 after him all AT THE SAME TIME??? This is nothing near reality America! Stop being force fed something that is only feeding the insecurities of your own life. Go out and laugh and cry with someone over a long meal for gosh sakes – that’s REALITY. Share about yourself with no strings attached and with no selfish motives. Listen to others. Grow friendships. Stay up late just talking on someone’s living room floor…this is what puts the REAL in this so called “reality”. – end of tangent)

Wish I could hang out in Wilmore on the 4th of July. I gotta get my Lawnmower Brigade fix at some point.

From Wilmore…or Sacramento, with Love.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The mission statement of a lifetime

Sometimes when you least expect it, things hit you with a kilo of clarity and shock. Last week was one of those moments. I’ll bypass right through all the details and letcha have it.
I found this mission statement last week:
“to consistently create encore experiences that enrich lives one person at a time.”

*proverbial long pause and soaking in of the statement*

This was found AT A RESTAURANT in Nicholasville…Zaxby’s as a matter of fact. Which, as a tangent point, has dee-li-shush chicken. Chicken wings, chicken ceasar salads, chicken strips, chicken sandwhiches, chicken popsicles i think, AND the crushed ice they have at Sonic – whatta awesome way to back up that mission statement of theirs.

So this hits me as I read it ON THE RECEIPT – Isn’t this what my life should be as a follower of Christ? Isn’t this what the church should model? How much more of an encore experience could you crave after being rescued and accepted by Jesus? What deserves an encore like the Resurrection? You kiddin me?
Enriching - the church
One person at a time – Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.
Consistency - ?
Now here is where the illustration breaks down. Does my life reflect the attitude of Christ – consistently?
My prayer, and your prayer should be, is that our lives should be enriching to others…consistently.
Taste and see that the Lord (is it sacrilegious to say Zaxby’s too?) is so, so good.

From Wilmore…and soon to be Sacramento, with Love.