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Friday, May 18, 2007

The definition of unbelievable is...


From Wilmore, with Love (in this case for Sherwood)

Is this post-finals Jeremiah?

*Title for this post comes from the words of Sarah Jackson, my awesome boss and friend*

I’m done.
With every bit of it.
Man, it feels awesome.

The first thing I did was went into the kitchen and bear hugged Lindsay, “We did it Love!” There’s nothing like a finish line bear hug…strikingly similar in form to the airport arrival bear hug, ya know?

The last paper was turned in last night at 740…20 mins before the Office Season Finale (LAME haircut Jim, gimme a break. Way to finally realize Pam is awesome). Lindsay had a wonderful dinner waiting for me at the finish line - bowl of Italian herb chicken and pasta with some kind of incredible bread and a marshmallow, hot fudge, graham cracker, waffle bowl sundae – whew!

Let’s make a quick, but huge, connection here – will ANY of this be ANY different at the end of our lives as followers of Jesus? - a huge bear hug to welcome you, words of affirmation, a place to sit at the Table, a celebratory Feast, joy, laughter – this could not be a better picture of heaven. The best part is, there have been times in my life, especially in the last year here in Wilmore, that I have been able to experience heaven here on earth.
What an amazing life.

So in the event that you did not know, I am without a doubt one of the most indecisive people I know…I think. Well, maybe. Wait, I’m not I don’t think…hmmm. – See what I mean? (cheesy but effective) But here’s the question that has been forced down my throat the past 3 months from about 8 different people – Should I get tangled up in the world of Facebook? Pros, cons? Time waster? Greatest thing since the internet?
I need some feedback.
Please comment, be my wise counsel on this one.
From Wilmore, with Love.