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Sunday, April 15, 2007

JD was right...again

So much has been swirling around in my head these past couple weeks, so much. I told JD that was my excuse for not blogging during the Spring Break and this past week. His response came with a southern smirk, “It’s time.” He’s right.

I am slowly learning that being balanced in life has little to do with actually juggling your priorities well, waking up early, time management techniques, and multitasking. It has a whole lot to do with saying, “I can’t”…and being really honest about it. No matter what is on your plate in life, there will always be things undone, unperfected, unmet, unrealized, unread, unwritten, forgotten, misplaced, un….whatever-ed. And that has to be ok, because we are finite. We have limits. We are fragile. And we have no need of a Savior if we can handle life all on our own.

Let that sit there for a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, its been hard to admit that lately, real hard. BUT, it is getting much easier realizing and saying, “I can’t” in this past month. It is much more freeing to say “I can’t”. It is much more REAL, right? And the Savior that took a chance on me died for the real me, not the “me” that everyone else perceives, right?
Try it. Be freed by it. Be healed by it. Then, thank the God that created you that it’s ok to be REAL.

Let's change gears - If you happen to be in the Lexington, KY area anytime soon, stop by Gold's Gym and ask for the most beautiful blond personal trainer they have on staff. Without hesitation, they will introduce to my wife, their newest personal trainer. I knew she could do it! She is on the road to being PT certified and ready to "bring the pain babee!"

Signing off, I leave you with my most recent reason to make me smile.
I dare you to watch the new Sherwood video and not smile the whole time. In fact, I will triple dog dare you. These guys are so down to earth, so humble, so fun, so creative, and so thankful for the opportunities they get. Enjoy.
From Wilmore, with love.


Chris Snider said...

That music vid is awesome. How creatvie are they. It just blows my mind. So how are you doin? Hope that everything is great. Sorry we could not make it to the Sherwood show. Love to talk sometime!
Lov ya,

JohnDeere said...

jaja-- i'm kind of liking that as a nickname. re: saying "I can't." what i affirm about that is that it is profoundly in keeping with the incarnation. If the incarnation teaches us anything, it teaches us that God embraces limitation in becoming a person. For instance-- before God became incarnated in human flesh, he didn't have to sleep. Jesus had to sleep-- don't you think? we could press this one on with a lot of fun-- but we won't here in the comment field, because the only thing people hate reading more than long blog entries are long comments. The unlimited one embraces limitation in becoming a person. And so we must embrace limitation as a core feature of our personhood. To deny limitation is to somehow seek equality with God isn't it. '

Now here's a fascinating thing to ponder. In creating the Sabbath, God, the unlimited one-- who didn't need to rest-- rested anyway. This tells us that the nature of true rest is not utilitarian-- not a means to something else. Rather, true rest is an end in itself. To keep Sabbath is to taste of eternity-- a life of perfect rest in the presence of God.

Closing the loop-- (and thanks for tolerating what is now clearly a long comment). What does Sabbath keeping have to do with saying "I can't?" thanks for asking. If we can answer that one we will have solved one of the great mysteries of the universe. ;-)

ok-- a stab. Saying "I can't" can be good and it can be not so good. "I can't" can easily become a form of self-protection = selfishness. At the same time, "I can't" can be an expression of incarnational faith. What's the difference? I think it comes down to our view of time. The reason why we tend to say "I can't," is because we perceive we don't have time. In other words, we view time as a scarce commodity that must be managed. IN reality, time is an abundant gift that need not be managed but kept. Keeping Sabbath is one of the primary ways out of time management and into time keeping. Sabbath Keeping is a weekly door through which we enter into time as Holy. Time, after all, was the first thing God ever said was holy. Sabbath keeping puts us into the order of creation weeks (6 days of work and 1 day of rest) and also into the order of creation days (evening and morning).

But this is how good God is-- these kinds of ideas can only be understood by doing them. you see clearly how easily trying to explain them can be obfuscating. I love the Psalmist prayer-- Teach us to order our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom. It's wisdom that instructs us to know when to say I can't and when to say I can. It's ordering our days aright that opens us up to wisdom.

this has been fun. g2g.

Jeremiah said...

Talk about taking it to the next level bro.
Thanks for the words, ill be chewing on that for a bit. Would this be a stretch for the formula?
I can't = He can, He already has

...derived from formula -
The way up = The way down.

Too far of dots to connect?

JohnDeere said...

thanks jaja. (are you liking my new nickname? anyone ever used that one before?)

let me add this thought: to deny our own limitations is to attempt to transcend our humanity-- to become super-human if you will. It is the ancient eden-ic quest to "become like gods." to embrace our limitations is to open ourselves up to God transcending our humanity. It is not becoming super-human but rather super-natural. It remains quite human-- and arguably even more human-- truly human. Isn't this what we see in Jesus? Embracing our limitations---which is another way of saying "becoming humble" creates the possibility for our limitations to be transcended in a supernatural (ordinary or extraordinary) fashion. (i.e. "we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that the all surpassing power is from God and not from us.")

Bringing it back around-- the secret-- as you say is the way down. And the only way to find that WAY is to follow Jesus. see philippians 2. which in fact-- becomes-- the way up.

Jeremiah said...

my email address in Sac,CA was yeah, it has been thrown at me a bit before, sorry brotha.

Thanks for the insight that only sends to me to be more in awe of the life that can only come through following Jesus.