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Saturday, March 24, 2007

What if you could though?

This past week was the onslaught of midterms, papers, and book "reflection" papers. (I gave the quotes around that word because apparently, according to my last paper's comments and grade, do too much reaction to the text and not enough "reflection" I’m not bitter though.) It was a crazy week of drinking way too much black tea, MDX, and doing pushups to stay awake…my stomach hated me this week, my triceps didn’t. I found myself answering the “Hey, how are you doing?” kinda questions with this phrase on multiple occasions, “I wish I could stop time for about 8 hours.” That sparked a conversation with my friend Chad at one point and we discussed what we would honestly do. This last week on a way nerdy and practical level, I would have worked for about 3 hours and took a 5 hour nap. But, in general here is the real answer:

I’d take an illegally fast private jet to Pacific Beach, San Dee, CA with Lindsay. On the plane I would play "would you rather" games with her, laugh, and read a bit. Once arriving, I'd get a carne asada burrito and rolled tacos with guacamole and cheese from Santana's and we would go to the park nearby to have a delicious lunch. Afterwards, I would work with Lindsay on her right handed lay-up and shoot some freethrows. Then after a bit, we would head to PB and walk on the beach till the sunset.

(I suppose that my answer also implies I have an unlimited amount of cash at my disposal.)
What would you do if you COULD stop time for 8 hours?

Looking outside today I see the sunny 75 degree/5 mph breeze perfection. It is definitely one of those days that you are glad to be alive.
From Wilmore, with Love.


chad said...

I think I gave you some love on anna's blog...that is where I gave her the question.

I love playing blog tag

jb said...

tell the truth - 8 hours - you would play some serious heroscape!

TheMartins said...

Hey jeremiah- Just saying hello in blog land... Carissa

KellyLawson22 said...

Well, I never answered the question, my friend. My answer is contigent upon one thing: The Dallas Mavericks getting to the NBA finals.

Billy and Riley and I would take an illegally fast jet to Dallas, TX in June. Game Day. Where we would eat lunch with our friends at Mi Cocina or Cristina's, meet McGruder the dog for a play date with Riley, and then head to American Airlines Arena for some Dallas Mavericks basketball. I somehow don't think this is Billy's same 8-hour agenda. :) Okay, but if it's not game day, all of that would be the same, except instead of going to AAA, we'd gather at one of our parents' house and invite ALL of our extended families to join us for some good hangout time and a love feast. That sounds better, anyway.

KellyLawson22 said...

And by the way. I need to correct myself. The Mavs play at the American Airlines Center. NOT Arena. The Miami Heat plays at the American Airlines Arena. Yikes. How could I have made that mistake?

Jeremiah said...

Remember when Kelly was secretly a Heat fan?
I'd invite you to ride in our illegally fast private jet and we could drop you off in Dallas
i have to be honest, the clock is ticking sista.

The LeRoys said...

I have a question about your question... is time stopped for just me and those that I choose to include in my plan (which apparently has to somehow involve an illegally fast private jet), or for everyone? My answer may change according to these parameters.

Jeremiah said...

Time stops in the sense that the hands on the clock do not move, not necessarily a time freeze. Everyone is still going on with business as usual, time moves for them.
for you, the clock stays put on, let's say, 2pm for 8 hours.
Now, what would you do bro?

TheMartins said...

So you must only get a returned blog shout out for answering the said blog question!
8 Hours:
Borrow your fast jet on a day are willing to let us...go to the gulf of mexico. take an umbrella, french onion dip & chips (the only best food to eat after swimming in the ocean, done it since i was a little kid), swim and body board in the ocean w/ my man, (at 5.2 hours), get cleaned up and go out for an amazing crab dinner at a beautiful restaurant on the ocean, maybe on a yacht, maybe just on the beach.