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Friday, March 16, 2007

Anything can happen...apparently

And this year that meant Duke went out in the first round. *sigh*
I do have to admit that they were seeded too high. I only expected a 10 seed at most…but alas, my beloved Blue Devils fell victim to the athleticism of the Commonwealth of Virginia. That sounds like the beginning to a low budget American History documentary you were forced to watch in 10th grade, doesn’t it?

How crazy would it have been if EKU had actually pulled the biggest upset in history against the Heels?
I went a little “upset” happy this year, think it may have been too much. Still holding out for the Mean Green Eagles of North Texas to make some history… I just love it – you never know in March.

Second notable moment of the week was when a friend gave me a book written by a professor here at Asbury. Dr. Walls, a pretty awesome guy and huge Notre Dame fan, has put together a collection of essays on philosophy and basketball – his two loves in life. Dick Vitale has written the forward to it and Coach K has a “praise” on the back cover – need I say more? Check it out.

This is just another reason in the very long list of why I would love to invent a time machine (you think you know what I am about to say here don’t you?) that would STOP time for a bit. A trip to Pacific Beach and a 3 week time stoppage to enjoy some sun, waves, laughs, and pleasure reading would sure hit the spot right now. I suppose the mid-term crunch does that to most. Dr. Walls’ book as well as another one a friend gave me would be my some of first choices to pack for some reading. Man, sometimes I wish that AT&T and Microsoft would take actually over and monopolize the ENTIRE world so they can develop some technology to get this time machine project going.

To sign off – why does NBC have to show THREE CONSECUTIVE WEEKS of reruns of The Office?
How ironic is it that when ol’ Chuck Logan leaves his “prison” he gets shanked by a lunatic with a kiwi slicing knife?
From Wilmore, with Love.

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chad said...

MiCROSUCK....come on know steve jobs already has a time machine in the skunkworks, and you know it will be easy to work and look better than your sr. prom date