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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I really love to laugh

My weekday afternoons are spent on the third floor of the library with about 4-6 others persevering through OT Hebrew. Something you also have to know is some background on a friend of mine named Steven. I have no doubts in my mind that if ANY of you met him, you would place him on your Top 5 nicest people you had ever met. He’s awesome. He’s from Birmingham, AL, or as he would say “Buhmenham, ALuhBEMMUH”. Steven is “good peoples”, no question.
This afternoon, as usual, we were in our study group. Another thing to mention, the whole group is great, definitely a blessing through the super intense time. Read another perspective on it by my friend Josh (also in the group). Another “by the way” – I don’t know who would win a nice-off between Josh and Steven. It would end in a dead draw I think. BUT THEN one would argue with the other how the other deserves to win…vicious cycle of niceness, lemme tell ya.
Back to the story-

So there we are, pluggin along in Hebrew. On a daily basis there are usually a few take home quizzes, worksheets, and exercises from the text. We were all going around the tables saying what all we had left to do before dinner and it came to Steven, yes, THE Steven. He and his girlfriend Kelly were a bit ahead on the workload. They had both major tasks done before half of us (okay, it was me) had completed just one of them. I looked at them in shock, “You guys are DONE ALREADY?” Steven, oh yes, El Esteban, gives me a look that says, “Yeah, what’s up now punk?” – all tough and cocky like, ya know? And then he says to me, and hold on, you have to picture this! He refers to himself at times as a “good ol’ boy from ALuhBEMMUH” Totally awesome, nice, southern boy…got it in your head?
Ok, now the best part. He looks at Kelly and then looks back at me all tough-like and says with his deep southern drawl, “Yeah man, we don’t play around. We quit Kindergarten cause they had recess.”
I lost it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

“2 Posts, last published on Sep 27, 2006” That stinks.

Man, oh man, it’s been far too long, hasn’t it? Why can’t I be as cool as Lindsay and blog every 48-72 hours? Here’ some random/obscure thoughts (the best kind), latest updates, and things to make you giggle from 18 degree and windy Central Kentucky…

- Happy two week birthday to Taylor Renee…cool middle name your parents gave ya kiddo.
- Lindsay and I are running in a half marathon in Nashville, TN on April 28…holy buckets I’m scared.
- The show “What Not to Wear” is hopelessly mean. Entertaining and timesucking yes, but thoughtlessly rude without a doubt. You’d dress pretty nice too if someone GAVE you an expensive wardrobe several times a week, wouldn’t you? How about a response show to them - What Not to Put Your Worth in? oh burn.
- For those that are still laughing at the idea of me wearing a paper hat and apron while making real milkshakes and serving pizza – I no longer work at the delicious pizza joint called Tastebuds. I was only there for about 2 days and had to bail. They needed help at lunch times and it wasn’t gonna work out for scheduling with schoolwork, chapels, etc. So since late Septemberish, I have been working at the Student Center here at Asbury. The Student Center houses the cafeteria, gym, workout facilities, racquetball courts, lounge, etc. “You’d like to check out equipment for ping pong? Sure thing, your student id please and sign here…” I LOVE the job. Great team to work with (there’s ten of us), great place on campus, and a good opportunity to get reading done when it’s slow at night. It’s awesome.
- For Christmas my friend Shawn gave me an ORIGINAL motion picture soundtrack/score ON VINYL for the best Picture of 1976…my favorite movie of all time – Rocky. I want to frame it and show it off for the rest of my life. Thanks a trillion Shawn, you rock bro.
- While in Sacramento during Christmas time I heard about a new Carl’s Jr./Hardees commercial – the one with the cab drivers in Philly, ya know? We don’t have it out here, but anyway – I find it very funny. Rest assured, I still will never be one of their customers, but will laugh when I hear, “Whashca doin, eating a boiga?”
- We have made it an official tradish – The FIRST thing we do when we get to Sac is hit up Truxel In n’ Out. Goin on 2 times strong now…it so GO TO. Why is it so great?
- What’s the difference between impersonation and impression?
- I saw Rocky Balboa twice over the Christmas break. It was better the second time. I give it a 6.5-7 tops. Some great scenes, some REALLY cheesy scenes. Loved Cuff and Link at the beginning though.
- A few months ago I went to pick up Lindsay from school and there were a few students who knew her on the sidewalk waiting to be picked up. As we rolled by I heard one of them shout to the group, “Hey man, Miss A’s husband look (no not a misspell, he did not pronounce the S” like Lionel Richie!”
- Since the latest facial hair acquisition someone told me I look like Scott Bayo from Charles in Charge. Imdb him and disagree along with me.
- I hate when you are rinsing a spoon in the sink and the water hits it square on and it sprays all over your shirt and pants.
- Why is the Cosby show SO GOOD? Why do I want to be like Bill as a father?
- Cut and Paste is the best invention of the 20th century, no question.
- Shoutout to Paige Jennings…a bit over due sista, sorry.
- The bendable/foldable headrests on United airplanes are magnificent in aiding the plane nap.
- Since the last few weeks of Hebrew Intro I have made the switch back to the pencil. Kinda weird to go back, but man the eraser is necessary like none other.
- Mike and E cruised through Wilmore after the convention in Orlando and we hung out for a few days. It was SO AWESOME. At the same time, it was so weird to have a piece of home right there in front of us. It was like they or our home was out of context, ya know? They didn’t seem to fit. We had a blast showing them around town, playing poker, laughing, and watching reruns of The Office. Below is in my opinion our best pic we have ever taken. Love and miss you guys!