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Thursday, November 08, 2007

learning more and more outside of due dates

Reminders tonight…

Love begets love.
Authenticity breeds authenticity.
Real gives rise to real.
Vulnerability births vulnerability.

Thank you for the conversations I was able to have with the three of you gentlemen. I am finding out that in the conversations that are soul bearing and soul sharing, it is my soul that is tasting heaven and asking for seconds. Tonight, you have caused me to exhale and I am sure it wont be the last time.

For everyone else reading this, pursue these moments as if, no better yet, BECAUSE, your life, your true life, depends on it. Exhale, close eyes, bend at the knees, stretch out your fists like a newborn, and soar like you were a born to do it. Don’t pull a hammy though. Soul hammies take awhile to recover.
From Wilmore, with Love.

Friday, September 28, 2007

so I was thinking the other day

Just recently I was in a bathroom of a friend’s work building. We were at the KET (Kentucky Educational Television) office in Lexington. If you’d like to know why and would love to laugh so hard it hurts, check this out, but jump back into the story here when you’re done. You wont believe it, I literally mean that.

In this particular bathroom, above one of the urinals was a sign. It was quite obviously made by one the office workers and then poorly scotch taped above it, unlaminated I might add, reading,
PLEASE “FLUSH” THE URINAL The sign had an arrow pointing down to the urinal. Apparently, someone thought that men lose focus very easy in the bathroom or something. But my eyes were even more drawn to the quotations marks on the word FLUSH. I bet I looked way perplexed right then. Are those quotations really necessary? I guess someone actually may have thought that they were. But still, I was almost arguing with the person highly skilled in Microsoft Word 2007 that was able to put it in, dare I say it, LANDSCAPE format - Why are those there?

Now, I would say that I am not a highly US traveled person. I have not been apart of any bands that had nation wide tours, I have only lived in four states in my life, and I didn’t need to do the massive road trip in my early 20’s in order to “find myself” – though that would have been pretty cool. But, last I recalled, EVERYWHERE I have been in my life, “flushing” the toilet was always “flushing” the toilet. There was no alternate word(s). No slang. No alternate pronuncitions. It seems to me that no matter where you go, the only words to explain “flush” are…flush. I haven’t been to all of these places, but…Augusta, ME – flush. Seattle, WA – flush. Austin, TX – flush. Wilmore, KY – flush. Miami, FL – flush. Sacramento, CA – flush.

There is just no slang for the word flush. Just about everything else in a bathroom has a slang word though. Toilet paper can be TP. The toilet can be a commode, the head, the john, the stool. Urine can be pee-pee, tinkle, wizz, and few select others that may be a bit PG-13. And then there's, well, um...I’ll keep this a family blog before we head down other roads and even venture into the other main things involved in the whole bathroom process.
But again, there is only one way, just one word, a sole five-letter word to communicate the clearing of the toilet from its latest acquisition. And, I have come to the sobering and slightly bizarre conclusion, at least thus far in my life, that there is just no other words for “FLUSH”.

I could be severely wrong though. If I am, please reveal the truth.

From Wilmore, with Love.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

a new song

Tonight some friends prayed for me and Lindsay. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. We were in their living room, correction, we were in their sanctuary, and they absolutely moved the heavens with their words. With their words, they took the clouds by two hands and shook them violently. The rains that fell carried hope with them.
There were no candles, no hymnals, or even Precious Moments dolls. It was nothing spiritually eloquent or over the top with Christianese syntax. They were speaking with Someone who deserved much more than clich├ęs and contrived rhetoric. They were talking with Someone who was right there with us in that sanctuary, the very One that calls Himself, “God with us” – Emmanuel.

Another friend told me today that some of the best times in our lives are the unplanned ones. This was proof within six hours. The best times of our lives are not on the planned vacations, date nights, Easter Sundays, or even, dare I say it, graduation days. I wasn’t even over there to pray. I was there to use their computer of all things. I’m learning that it is within the mundane that we can find the amazing. I think that is what God has done with everyone of us. It is what happened tonight.

Something to know about me these past few days is this – I am trying to become overwhelmed with the right things - grace, joy, laughter, french kisses, bear hugs, and not due dates, late fees, grades, rent, and deadlines. With so many adjustments to make with classes in session and Lindsay being back in the job hunt, we have been overwhelmed with worry, doubt, and fear. After my business with the computer was done, my face showed it all.

I will not exaggerate these words for creative effect or downplay them for modesty sake, I promise. Here is what was poured out for us tonight. Unfortunately, Lindsay was at home and was not apart of it. But, as soon as I left our friends’ house, I changed my library study plans and went home to tell her all about it. We cried, just as I will probably cry recounting it again. This is how it began as they were praying for me specifically. Another Psalm was written tonight friends...

“Father, we ask tonight that you would hold your little boy close.
He is so burdened.
He is weary and slumped over.
Would you put your hand on his back and straighten it for him?
Would you allow him to feel your warm hand on his shoulders?
Father, take your hand and lift his chin up from his chest.
And open his eyes so that he can see You,
So that he can see You call him Your Beloved.
Place a new song in his heart
A song of hope
And may hope fill every corner of their home…”

Friends, we are singing.
Our new melody is our thanks to you this night.
From Wilmore, with Love.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Charlotte would be proud

Spiderweb of thoughts comin atcha

I can’t decide which is better – a Sac, CA morning at about 7am or a Sac, CA evening at about 830pm…tough life out here, lemme tell ya.

The other day Lindsay and I walked into a room somewhere, I cant remember, and she said, “It smells like hotdog water in here.” I lost all composure and laughed hysterically.

Lindsay and I are struggling as to which “home” to call “home”. Wilmore or Sacramento? Friends, familiarity, traffic, and Mongolian BBQ is here but friends, familiarity, humidity, and our bed is out there in Wilmore – can you see the quandary?

I am in awe of how much people have welcomed us back here to Sacramento. Our church family has absolutely LAVISHED us in meals, laughs, and great memories. We are the definition of blessed, no question.

I am stoked to be speaking on a regular basis again. At the same time, after 9 months at Asbury, I have grown to see how precious and delicate the sermon really is. It is such a fragile gift – something that deserves to be handled with extreme care in presenting to the People of God. I love it, I will miss it when we leave.
Sherwood sounds so much better with windows down on a CA night…sorry to say.

It’s weird how we see cars around here and think, “Oh hey, (insert KY friend here) is here!...oh wait, no they’re not *sadface*”

I may come back about 15 pounds heavier as a result of all of the eating out and Starbucks.

Speaking of, did you know that there are 13g of fat and 59g of sugar in a grande chai frappe at Starbucks? More sugar than a Mountain Dew? Crazy.

Age of Love, have you heard/seen this new show? The EPITOME of our American culture these days! Can you imagine the brainstorming sessions of these NBC execs? They have got a recipe for “good TV”, no question. But dude, how low can it go…on NETWORK TV?
½ cup Temptation Island
2 gallons of The Bachelor
Stir ingredients.
Note: When this happens it will begin to smell like every other post-7pm show that mixes attractive women, a contest that I is stretched only to reveal the winner or loser at the end of ANOTHER commercial break, and every other “reality” show. When you begin to smell this rank stench, don’t worry, that is how it is supposed to smell.
Sprinkle Catfights between attractive and shallow women

(quick tangent – how is ANY of this or any other show “reality”??? Are you kidding me, what is real about this guy who has like 12 women ranging in ages from 20-45 after him all AT THE SAME TIME??? This is nothing near reality America! Stop being force fed something that is only feeding the insecurities of your own life. Go out and laugh and cry with someone over a long meal for gosh sakes – that’s REALITY. Share about yourself with no strings attached and with no selfish motives. Listen to others. Grow friendships. Stay up late just talking on someone’s living room floor…this is what puts the REAL in this so called “reality”. – end of tangent)

Wish I could hang out in Wilmore on the 4th of July. I gotta get my Lawnmower Brigade fix at some point.

From Wilmore…or Sacramento, with Love.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The mission statement of a lifetime

Sometimes when you least expect it, things hit you with a kilo of clarity and shock. Last week was one of those moments. I’ll bypass right through all the details and letcha have it.
I found this mission statement last week:
“to consistently create encore experiences that enrich lives one person at a time.”

*proverbial long pause and soaking in of the statement*

This was found AT A RESTAURANT in Nicholasville…Zaxby’s as a matter of fact. Which, as a tangent point, has dee-li-shush chicken. Chicken wings, chicken ceasar salads, chicken strips, chicken sandwhiches, chicken popsicles i think, AND the crushed ice they have at Sonic – whatta awesome way to back up that mission statement of theirs.

So this hits me as I read it ON THE RECEIPT – Isn’t this what my life should be as a follower of Christ? Isn’t this what the church should model? How much more of an encore experience could you crave after being rescued and accepted by Jesus? What deserves an encore like the Resurrection? You kiddin me?
Enriching - the church
One person at a time – Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.
Consistency - ?
Now here is where the illustration breaks down. Does my life reflect the attitude of Christ – consistently?
My prayer, and your prayer should be, is that our lives should be enriching to others…consistently.
Taste and see that the Lord (is it sacrilegious to say Zaxby’s too?) is so, so good.

From Wilmore…and soon to be Sacramento, with Love.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The definition of unbelievable is...


From Wilmore, with Love (in this case for Sherwood)

Is this post-finals Jeremiah?

*Title for this post comes from the words of Sarah Jackson, my awesome boss and friend*

I’m done.
With every bit of it.
Man, it feels awesome.

The first thing I did was went into the kitchen and bear hugged Lindsay, “We did it Love!” There’s nothing like a finish line bear hug…strikingly similar in form to the airport arrival bear hug, ya know?

The last paper was turned in last night at 740…20 mins before the Office Season Finale (LAME haircut Jim, gimme a break. Way to finally realize Pam is awesome). Lindsay had a wonderful dinner waiting for me at the finish line - bowl of Italian herb chicken and pasta with some kind of incredible bread and a marshmallow, hot fudge, graham cracker, waffle bowl sundae – whew!

Let’s make a quick, but huge, connection here – will ANY of this be ANY different at the end of our lives as followers of Jesus? - a huge bear hug to welcome you, words of affirmation, a place to sit at the Table, a celebratory Feast, joy, laughter – this could not be a better picture of heaven. The best part is, there have been times in my life, especially in the last year here in Wilmore, that I have been able to experience heaven here on earth.
What an amazing life.

So in the event that you did not know, I am without a doubt one of the most indecisive people I know…I think. Well, maybe. Wait, I’m not I don’t think…hmmm. – See what I mean? (cheesy but effective) But here’s the question that has been forced down my throat the past 3 months from about 8 different people – Should I get tangled up in the world of Facebook? Pros, cons? Time waster? Greatest thing since the internet?
I need some feedback.
Please comment, be my wise counsel on this one.
From Wilmore, with Love.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Numb, awe, wow, and other one syllable words

This morning’s reading captured my emotions perfectly this morning. It had to be shared~
Revelation 8:1 – “When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.”

Can you see it?
Can you even imagine?
All of the heavens glued on Jesus and His every move. Motionless. Still. Frozen. In awe of what He is doing. Numb with emotion. Too much "wow" to process at one time. It is every great celebratory moment in the history mankind -
Birthdays, anniversaries, grand slam walk off game winners, parades, Cinderella Story moments in March, weddings…and honeymoons, getting the middle of the cinnamon roll, green lights the whole way when you really, really need them, college acceptance letters, Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties when you were young, being tall enough to ride the big coasters the first time, your first kiss, your first time with the car (hopefully unrelated), the first sonogram, buzzerbeaters, signing the papers of your first home, the last donut in the pink box, finishing the 5k race when you thought you wouldn’t ever, ending finals week and still living, unheard of field goal kickers winning the game and becoming a household name, having Ed McMahon actually come to your house with those aggressively sized checks…
…all combined and even then coming nowhere close to the intensity of the moment right then in that verse.
Can you see it now?
Can you feel it?

I picture angels actually getting numb with elation. Stopping their praising, ceasing to worship to be in awe of Jesus. In awe of what is happening, the impact, the magnitude. Wow.

This is where my heart is at this morning. Numb.

I cannot go into all the details but I can say that something happened yesterday that I never thought ever could or would…and it brought tears of joy and unbelief. It was one of those slow-motion, wipe your face with both hands, kinda moments. Lindsay and I sat in our car, sobbing in each other’s arms, unable to grasp how awesome our God is. No, once again, don’t spread rumors, we are not pregnant or hitting the road with Bono or anything, sorry! Just know that right now, my heart is in awe of what God is doing in our lives.

Praise God from whom all blessing flow
Praise Him all creatures here below
Thank you Jesus.
From Wilmore, with Love.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

JD was right...again

So much has been swirling around in my head these past couple weeks, so much. I told JD that was my excuse for not blogging during the Spring Break and this past week. His response came with a southern smirk, “It’s time.” He’s right.

I am slowly learning that being balanced in life has little to do with actually juggling your priorities well, waking up early, time management techniques, and multitasking. It has a whole lot to do with saying, “I can’t”…and being really honest about it. No matter what is on your plate in life, there will always be things undone, unperfected, unmet, unrealized, unread, unwritten, forgotten, misplaced, un….whatever-ed. And that has to be ok, because we are finite. We have limits. We are fragile. And we have no need of a Savior if we can handle life all on our own.

Let that sit there for a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, its been hard to admit that lately, real hard. BUT, it is getting much easier realizing and saying, “I can’t” in this past month. It is much more freeing to say “I can’t”. It is much more REAL, right? And the Savior that took a chance on me died for the real me, not the “me” that everyone else perceives, right?
Try it. Be freed by it. Be healed by it. Then, thank the God that created you that it’s ok to be REAL.

Let's change gears - If you happen to be in the Lexington, KY area anytime soon, stop by Gold's Gym and ask for the most beautiful blond personal trainer they have on staff. Without hesitation, they will introduce to my wife, their newest personal trainer. I knew she could do it! She is on the road to being PT certified and ready to "bring the pain babee!"

Signing off, I leave you with my most recent reason to make me smile.
I dare you to watch the new Sherwood video and not smile the whole time. In fact, I will triple dog dare you. These guys are so down to earth, so humble, so fun, so creative, and so thankful for the opportunities they get. Enjoy.
From Wilmore, with love.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Passion is contagious

So this is probably against some kind of blooger's code of conduct in some part of the world. But, my friend Kelly wrote an amazing story just last night and it MUST be shared with more. The Passion is contagious. Her passion is contagious.
Check it out here. Besides, when is the last time you cried while at your computer?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What if you could though?

This past week was the onslaught of midterms, papers, and book "reflection" papers. (I gave the quotes around that word because apparently, according to my last paper's comments and grade, do too much reaction to the text and not enough "reflection" I’m not bitter though.) It was a crazy week of drinking way too much black tea, MDX, and doing pushups to stay awake…my stomach hated me this week, my triceps didn’t. I found myself answering the “Hey, how are you doing?” kinda questions with this phrase on multiple occasions, “I wish I could stop time for about 8 hours.” That sparked a conversation with my friend Chad at one point and we discussed what we would honestly do. This last week on a way nerdy and practical level, I would have worked for about 3 hours and took a 5 hour nap. But, in general here is the real answer:

I’d take an illegally fast private jet to Pacific Beach, San Dee, CA with Lindsay. On the plane I would play "would you rather" games with her, laugh, and read a bit. Once arriving, I'd get a carne asada burrito and rolled tacos with guacamole and cheese from Santana's and we would go to the park nearby to have a delicious lunch. Afterwards, I would work with Lindsay on her right handed lay-up and shoot some freethrows. Then after a bit, we would head to PB and walk on the beach till the sunset.

(I suppose that my answer also implies I have an unlimited amount of cash at my disposal.)
What would you do if you COULD stop time for 8 hours?

Looking outside today I see the sunny 75 degree/5 mph breeze perfection. It is definitely one of those days that you are glad to be alive.
From Wilmore, with Love.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Oh tidings of laughter and joy

Laughter =
As we were eating lunch this afternoon (homemade deli sandwiches, equipped with Claussen kosher dill sandwich slices - delish) Lindsay brought me to choke status laughter,
"Do you realize that tractors towing hay bales down our street is a regular occurrence?"
It's funny cause it's true.

Joy =
Leaving for Columbus in one hour with Billy and Kelly to go catch Sherwood on tour.
3 1/2 hour car ride o' fun to see my favorite band with our friends.

My life is amazing.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Anything can happen...apparently

And this year that meant Duke went out in the first round. *sigh*
I do have to admit that they were seeded too high. I only expected a 10 seed at most…but alas, my beloved Blue Devils fell victim to the athleticism of the Commonwealth of Virginia. That sounds like the beginning to a low budget American History documentary you were forced to watch in 10th grade, doesn’t it?

How crazy would it have been if EKU had actually pulled the biggest upset in history against the Heels?
I went a little “upset” happy this year, think it may have been too much. Still holding out for the Mean Green Eagles of North Texas to make some history… I just love it – you never know in March.

Second notable moment of the week was when a friend gave me a book written by a professor here at Asbury. Dr. Walls, a pretty awesome guy and huge Notre Dame fan, has put together a collection of essays on philosophy and basketball – his two loves in life. Dick Vitale has written the forward to it and Coach K has a “praise” on the back cover – need I say more? Check it out.

This is just another reason in the very long list of why I would love to invent a time machine (you think you know what I am about to say here don’t you?) that would STOP time for a bit. A trip to Pacific Beach and a 3 week time stoppage to enjoy some sun, waves, laughs, and pleasure reading would sure hit the spot right now. I suppose the mid-term crunch does that to most. Dr. Walls’ book as well as another one a friend gave me would be my some of first choices to pack for some reading. Man, sometimes I wish that AT&T and Microsoft would take actually over and monopolize the ENTIRE world so they can develop some technology to get this time machine project going.

To sign off – why does NBC have to show THREE CONSECUTIVE WEEKS of reruns of The Office?
How ironic is it that when ol’ Chuck Logan leaves his “prison” he gets shanked by a lunatic with a kiwi slicing knife?
From Wilmore, with Love.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Papa's gotta brand new bag

(Enter guitar riff here)
- RIP James Brown -
[Mr. Nathan Jennings, these lines go out to you for the email rebuke about my blog neglect.]

Literally, I got a brand new bag, look out. And no, don’t read too much into it, I will not be a Papa soon, don’t spread rumors. Besides, you think I would really title a “We’re pregnant!” post with a title of a song by the Godfather of Soul? Waddya take me for?
On with the topic at hand…look out world, Jeremiah is getting organized, downright to the psychotic level. The picture above is what is the beginning of my tailor made, quirky, weird, and hopefully efficient – Organizational System. Most specifically, info retrieval system. Pretty intense huh?
Here’s how it all goes down in a nutshell. Between classes, sermons, journaling, books, epiphanies in those great convos, I want to be able to recall those great insights, quotes, and brainstorms. So what I had to do was not only record them (using my phone, journal, class notebooks, book margins, etc), but somehow be able to come back to them for reflection or use in other contexts. So, my organizational journey continues, I’ll let you know how it goes. I am grateful I have found a a little system that makes it easier to look back and remind my forgetful soul. In the meantime, these words have been echoing in my ears and heart…or for better Christian-ese: “my heart’s ears”.

“Injustice is the exposer of idolatry.” – JD Walt

As I was struggling with balance I came to my friend Billy and explained to him that I couldnt keep all of life's tasks in order - God, marriage, school, friendships, family, etc. Out of his mouth, came beautiful wisdom from a friend, the kind that is sometimes hard to hear, "Life is not paint by numbers. Time overlaps, relationships overlap, aspects of life overlap. You cant take an aspect of your life, make sure it is all neat and filled inside the lines and call it complete. You can't live life just by making sure every area is filled in. A blending of colors is what makes a beautiful masterpiece. "

While speaking of her latest struggles Kristin, a friend of mine, told me something she had been learning through it all. I will never forget her words, “You gotta walk even when you don’t know where you are going.”

I just had the privilege of finishing N.T. Wright’s The Challenge of Jesus. It was pretty stretching to say the least. By that I mean there were definite raised eyebrow moments to try and work through. God definitely does something to you when your way of looking at him is a bit tweaked and challenged. Here are some of Wright’s great lines that are still sticking with me…
“Learn to be symbol-makers and story-tellers for the Kingdom of God. Learn to model true humanness in your worship, your stewardship, your relationships.”
“Your task is to find the symbolic ways of doing thins differently, planting flags in hostile soil, setting up signposts that say there is a different way to be human. And when people are puzzled at what you are doing, find ways – fresh ways – of telling the Story of the return of the human race from its exile, and use those stories as your explanation.”

Since I have read that paragraph I have been all out BENT on those three words – Tell the Story. That is what it is all about. What does it mean for Lindsay and I to tell the Story with our lives? What does it mean for you to tell the Story with your life? As we tell that Glorious Story, know that we are absolutely central in it and through it. We are the reason it was written.
From Wilmore, with Love.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I really love to laugh

My weekday afternoons are spent on the third floor of the library with about 4-6 others persevering through OT Hebrew. Something you also have to know is some background on a friend of mine named Steven. I have no doubts in my mind that if ANY of you met him, you would place him on your Top 5 nicest people you had ever met. He’s awesome. He’s from Birmingham, AL, or as he would say “Buhmenham, ALuhBEMMUH”. Steven is “good peoples”, no question.
This afternoon, as usual, we were in our study group. Another thing to mention, the whole group is great, definitely a blessing through the super intense time. Read another perspective on it by my friend Josh (also in the group). Another “by the way” – I don’t know who would win a nice-off between Josh and Steven. It would end in a dead draw I think. BUT THEN one would argue with the other how the other deserves to win…vicious cycle of niceness, lemme tell ya.
Back to the story-

So there we are, pluggin along in Hebrew. On a daily basis there are usually a few take home quizzes, worksheets, and exercises from the text. We were all going around the tables saying what all we had left to do before dinner and it came to Steven, yes, THE Steven. He and his girlfriend Kelly were a bit ahead on the workload. They had both major tasks done before half of us (okay, it was me) had completed just one of them. I looked at them in shock, “You guys are DONE ALREADY?” Steven, oh yes, El Esteban, gives me a look that says, “Yeah, what’s up now punk?” – all tough and cocky like, ya know? And then he says to me, and hold on, you have to picture this! He refers to himself at times as a “good ol’ boy from ALuhBEMMUH” Totally awesome, nice, southern boy…got it in your head?
Ok, now the best part. He looks at Kelly and then looks back at me all tough-like and says with his deep southern drawl, “Yeah man, we don’t play around. We quit Kindergarten cause they had recess.”
I lost it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

“2 Posts, last published on Sep 27, 2006” That stinks.

Man, oh man, it’s been far too long, hasn’t it? Why can’t I be as cool as Lindsay and blog every 48-72 hours? Here’ some random/obscure thoughts (the best kind), latest updates, and things to make you giggle from 18 degree and windy Central Kentucky…

- Happy two week birthday to Taylor Renee…cool middle name your parents gave ya kiddo.
- Lindsay and I are running in a half marathon in Nashville, TN on April 28…holy buckets I’m scared.
- The show “What Not to Wear” is hopelessly mean. Entertaining and timesucking yes, but thoughtlessly rude without a doubt. You’d dress pretty nice too if someone GAVE you an expensive wardrobe several times a week, wouldn’t you? How about a response show to them - What Not to Put Your Worth in? oh burn.
- For those that are still laughing at the idea of me wearing a paper hat and apron while making real milkshakes and serving pizza – I no longer work at the delicious pizza joint called Tastebuds. I was only there for about 2 days and had to bail. They needed help at lunch times and it wasn’t gonna work out for scheduling with schoolwork, chapels, etc. So since late Septemberish, I have been working at the Student Center here at Asbury. The Student Center houses the cafeteria, gym, workout facilities, racquetball courts, lounge, etc. “You’d like to check out equipment for ping pong? Sure thing, your student id please and sign here…” I LOVE the job. Great team to work with (there’s ten of us), great place on campus, and a good opportunity to get reading done when it’s slow at night. It’s awesome.
- For Christmas my friend Shawn gave me an ORIGINAL motion picture soundtrack/score ON VINYL for the best Picture of 1976…my favorite movie of all time – Rocky. I want to frame it and show it off for the rest of my life. Thanks a trillion Shawn, you rock bro.
- While in Sacramento during Christmas time I heard about a new Carl’s Jr./Hardees commercial – the one with the cab drivers in Philly, ya know? We don’t have it out here, but anyway – I find it very funny. Rest assured, I still will never be one of their customers, but will laugh when I hear, “Whashca doin, eating a boiga?”
- We have made it an official tradish – The FIRST thing we do when we get to Sac is hit up Truxel In n’ Out. Goin on 2 times strong now…it so GO TO. Why is it so great?
- What’s the difference between impersonation and impression?
- I saw Rocky Balboa twice over the Christmas break. It was better the second time. I give it a 6.5-7 tops. Some great scenes, some REALLY cheesy scenes. Loved Cuff and Link at the beginning though.
- A few months ago I went to pick up Lindsay from school and there were a few students who knew her on the sidewalk waiting to be picked up. As we rolled by I heard one of them shout to the group, “Hey man, Miss A’s husband look (no not a misspell, he did not pronounce the S” like Lionel Richie!”
- Since the latest facial hair acquisition someone told me I look like Scott Bayo from Charles in Charge. Imdb him and disagree along with me.
- I hate when you are rinsing a spoon in the sink and the water hits it square on and it sprays all over your shirt and pants.
- Why is the Cosby show SO GOOD? Why do I want to be like Bill as a father?
- Cut and Paste is the best invention of the 20th century, no question.
- Shoutout to Paige Jennings…a bit over due sista, sorry.
- The bendable/foldable headrests on United airplanes are magnificent in aiding the plane nap.
- Since the last few weeks of Hebrew Intro I have made the switch back to the pencil. Kinda weird to go back, but man the eraser is necessary like none other.
- Mike and E cruised through Wilmore after the convention in Orlando and we hung out for a few days. It was SO AWESOME. At the same time, it was so weird to have a piece of home right there in front of us. It was like they or our home was out of context, ya know? They didn’t seem to fit. We had a blast showing them around town, playing poker, laughing, and watching reruns of The Office. Below is in my opinion our best pic we have ever taken. Love and miss you guys!