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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Smiles i have missed...

So there is much to be told, I admit. First of which is – I am lame. Sorry for the 38 day wait on getting a new post up here. Forgiveness please? Thanks.

There, now we can continue. Ok, so once again, there is much to be told of the life and times of the Aja’s but I want to make some people smile as big as I did when we talked last week.
Last week, on Wednesday night, my awesome girls (which I think are all driving now – how old do I feel?) decided to spend their small group time talking to me on the phone. I hadn’t smiled so big in days. This momentous 2nd post goes out to you ladies.

To Kili, Chelsea (the other Chelsea too even though I never heard her speak…is she a real person?), Sarah, Kelli, and Katie, thanks for the memory of last week and all those before – enjoying Sherwood shows when only like 50 people knew of them BEFORE Myspace, eating chocolate and cinnamon rolls at Baker Ben’s, dance offs in parking lots, 7th grade soccer games, BOOCHIE, Krispy Kremes, windows down and rock n’ roll (what could possibly be any better at 830am on a Friday?) and much more…

STOP! A thought just hit me – all of you went to Churchill, huh? So tight….and kinda weird.

Miss you guys, love you guys.
Hope I made you smile.


SUPER-KILI! said...

JEREMIAH! We all miss you terribly! Wow, all those things that mentioned. (well most of them) I totally remember. And I am not driving yet. I will have my permit January 19th, and than my licence on July 19th MY 16TH BIRTHDAY! I am ridiculously excited! I really think you should come back? Sound good? SOUNDS GREAT! That picture, wow.. how long ago was that? It looks like forever ago. Insane! Well anyways.. I did a heart walk thing this last saturday and I saw a couple that looked exactly like you and Lindsay and it made me sad cause I realized that you no longer lived in Sacramento/California/WEST COAST! A tall guy, dark hair, dark skinned with his hands around a girl with blonde hair and shorter than him. It was insane. The whole point of this was to tell you that I MISS YOU! Hope to talk to you later and to talk about everything that is going on in Kentucky!

Katie said...

What a fun blog...i dont know if i've ever been a part of someone's blog...I am so sad you guys arent here..but i know that's the last thing you want to hear when you are far away...i've been there! Take care..and feel free to mention something about me in every blog :)

sarah said...

i love and miss you j-man. that was awesome calling you! sherwood was here this last saturday but i was at a different concert in berkeley, but i heard it was good times. :) hope all is well!!

PaigeTheRage said...

Well, even though I have nothing to do with this blog I'm so excited you wrote one that I had to commment! =) Can't wait to see you for the wedding....



(Oh, and the Sherwood thing has gotten a little rediculous. I always want to be like "you guys don't even KNOW them!" ha..

Brooke said...

Aren't those girls the best? Every single one of them warms my heart.

We miss you.... I think you're not supposed to say that when someone moves away and is missing CA? But I did it. Sorry. I never was good at keeping quiet.

Anonymous said...

So I read this like the day after you typed it, and said "hmm i need to come up with something super wonderful to say" and decided i would comment later AND THEN NEVER DID!!!!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING? Ok besides chelsey being extremely unlike herself (speechless) HA! This was an extremely heartwarming and delightful blog to read!! You have no idea how much I miss you in my life and to hear your guiding words and your contagious laugh and OH! When I went to the Sherwood show a few weeks ago I told Nate you say Hi! Even though you didnt, I knew you would want to. Sorry for my ADD but I MISS YOU SO MUCH! And I am waiting for the day when I can give you a big hug again and talk to you! I know Kentucky is filled with hilarious stories and I am so glad you get your share of laughs!! Hopefully there aren't too many troubles, and I am praying you guys are safe and happy everyday!
Love you Jeremiah! Can't wait to see you!!