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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Smiles i have missed...

So there is much to be told, I admit. First of which is – I am lame. Sorry for the 38 day wait on getting a new post up here. Forgiveness please? Thanks.

There, now we can continue. Ok, so once again, there is much to be told of the life and times of the Aja’s but I want to make some people smile as big as I did when we talked last week.
Last week, on Wednesday night, my awesome girls (which I think are all driving now – how old do I feel?) decided to spend their small group time talking to me on the phone. I hadn’t smiled so big in days. This momentous 2nd post goes out to you ladies.

To Kili, Chelsea (the other Chelsea too even though I never heard her speak…is she a real person?), Sarah, Kelli, and Katie, thanks for the memory of last week and all those before – enjoying Sherwood shows when only like 50 people knew of them BEFORE Myspace, eating chocolate and cinnamon rolls at Baker Ben’s, dance offs in parking lots, 7th grade soccer games, BOOCHIE, Krispy Kremes, windows down and rock n’ roll (what could possibly be any better at 830am on a Friday?) and much more…

STOP! A thought just hit me – all of you went to Churchill, huh? So tight….and kinda weird.

Miss you guys, love you guys.
Hope I made you smile.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

And now, from our home office in Wilmore, Kentucky...The Top Ten Answers to the CA FAQ's

That's my cue - #2 pencil in hand, old school microphone sitting on desk, adorning glasses and a $2500 designer suit, a cityscape as the backdrop, and a whole lot of wit ready to go:

#10 Are you ge
tting settled in?
Yes, quite nicely as a matter of fact. All but the guest bedroom is fully equipped with the creativity of Lindsay and her eye for color. The living room looks as if w
e have been here for years, kitchen is awesome, our room is great, my office couldnt be better, and both bathrooms are very appealing to the eye, to say the least. A bit weird though because neither of us have had to go to work (see more on #7), so it has been a bit of a honeymoon period - hanging out all day, making grocery trip adventures, unpacking, decorating, and paying in the 2.70's for gas for only one car - life is awesome.

#9 Did Jax really escape the moving truck and join the circus in Missouri?
Nope, just rumors. He's here. He was awesome on the way out here, and is loving discovering frogs in the grass on our nightly walks. There have been a few times when we take him outside to do some "paperwork" and it is as if he looks up at us on the way outside and says, "You're kidding right? It's like a sauna out here, im not leavin indoors today."

#8 Have you been meeting people?
YES. We have had a few dinner guests and dessert with the Jim Gaffigan DVD. Also, we have been invited out several times as well. It is such a community here, it
really is. We have had about 8 "pop-ins." For all those that are unfamiliar with the term - a "pop-in" is the classic southern event –
"Oh, we were just stopping by to drop off some dessert for you guys, just thinking about you."
"Just walking and thought we would drop by and say hello!"
"Just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood, here's some brownies!"
Mmmm, pop-ins...
People have been so welcoming, we even had about 10 people wo met us here when we unloaded the truck to help us! We finished in about 35 minutes, pretty cool huh? God really is takin
g care of us, we have met some great couples, and enjoying the "fitting in" process. I even have the privilege of playing ball a few times a week. I found out about something they call "noonball" on Weds and Fris at, you guessed it, 12 noon. About 10-12 guys get together and play at the seminary gym for a couple hours just to unwind from Early Church History, Greek verb conjugations, and the 1500 pages of reading per class! Been having fun at noonball.

#7 Has Lindsay found a job yet?
YES! She starts tomorrow, the 21st at East Jessamine High School as the instructional assistant for the Sophomore English classes and will be doing some aid in the "virtual classroom" environments too. She interviewed this past week and on that same day, she got the phone call to start on Monday! It
is SUCH a blessing - good pay, Christmas and Thanksgiving Breaks, Summers off, and a free manicures on Fridays! Well, maybe not that last one, but it is great. We both are so exicted to see what the first day holds.

#6 Have you found a job yet?
YES! Crazy huh? It will be even funnier when i get some pics of the place but ill do my b
est to describe it here now. I have job as a waiter at…Tastebuds Pizza. It is INSIDE the Simm’s Drugstore in dowtown Wilmore! Now, I must use downtown loosely, as out here it consists of about 100 yards of about 10 businesses on each side – City of Wilmore building, Police Station, Barber Shop (of course), Post Office – everything you’d expect to see in the movies. Ill be wearing the little white paper and tissue hat and wearing the apron. The restaurant side only holds about 30-40 people on the bar and a few old school booths. It is a 1950’s style, Mel’s Diner, feel…but not because that’s how it was designed – it is because that is when it was built and have just kept it that way this whole time! I start on Tuesday, more details to follow, no question.

#5 How may mullets have you seen?
About 8 or so.
Man, some s
ure are aggressive.

#4 Roadtrip highlights?
- In Indiana, some gas stations allow you to pay by check.
- I-80 through Wyoming is the bleakest place on earth. Rocks are trying to commit suicide, it’s seriously that depressing.
- The St. Louis Arch was awesome, saw it in full view while in St. Louis traffic.
- Our 16 foot Penske truck got about 10 miles to the gallon.
- Sonic makes a new burrito filled with Fritos, chili, and cheese. When it is done in Natomas, go there and order it – it’s amazing.
- We played the ultimate game of The Office quotes with Mike and E on the way here on our walkie talkies – so funny.

#3 Do you or Lindsay have an accent yet?
Nope. But, i got my first pair of overalls on Friday and man are they sure comfortable.

#2 What’s Kentucky like?
- Tucked in shirts, belts, khaki shorts or slack, and sneakers – the go-to outfit
- 80-90% humidity
- GREEN as Ireland
- Thunderstorms have happened for about 3 days we have been here (3 out of 14). The temperature will drop about 25 degrees in 10 minutes and the wind will pick up…lookout, and get Jax inside!
- Friendly. In fact, one of the 20 or so DIFFERENT license plates you can get for your car has a drawing/picture of a sunrise with a smiling face in it and the caption says, “Kentucky, it’s that friendly.” HA!
- You will receive the classic southern wave for every car that drives by your house if you’re outside.
- Rarity of flip flops
- When you invite people over to hangout EVERYBODY is invited, and there is enough food for all. Then, while there, someone announces there will be another hangout at their place the next week and it happens all over again.
- There is only 1-2 ways to get to any certain place and you have to take country roads to get there.
- This just happened on Saturday - It may be 90 degrees in the am, about 1pm it will thunderstorm hardcore for about 3 hours, then by dinner time you can BBQ and look as if it was a normal day all day long.
- California = BBQ. Kentucky = Cookout.
- The most it will ever cost you to go to a movie is SEVEN BUCKS!!! Ha, wish you were here now, huh?

#1 Do you miss us?
Absolutely, no question. Weird going to a church and knowing NO ONE. Weird coming out of a grocery store and forgetting that you aren’t at Watt/Arden Safeway. More weird is having that same grocery store FIFTEEN MILES AWAY. Weird not having anything to set up, prep, or finalize at Starbucks with Jeff on a Sunday morning. More weird having the nearest Starbucks (which is only been open 3 days) 20 minutes away. Weird hearing someone else do church announcements. Weird not being able to look to the right as you get on the freeway just to get a quick peek and see if anyone’s car is the church parking lot. Weird not having traffic, rushing, Teriyaki to Go, or deadlines. Yeah, for sure, I miss you guys.
I am so excited for what the journey holds in store for us. God has confirmed to us in so many ways that He will meet our every need – for money to live, great relationships, laughs, everything. We, Lindsay and I, are becoming more of a team everyday. It really is exciting to know that the hardest part is over, we made it and couldn’t be more ready for what happens next. I am becoming more anxious everyday to begin classes, yes even Church History 1. It’s been tough at times, its been great at times, but God has been so near to us, every mile of the journey thus far. I’ll let you know what happens just over this hill, don’t worry. In case you cant make it to another Top Ten list, ill spoil it for you, He will still be so close, holding us, guiding us, and providing for us every single inch.

From Wilmore, with love